OCR Releases Updated Torrents; Now Updating “every 100 songs”

A new torrent of OverClocked ReMixes is available on OCR’s torrent tracker, containing songs 1001-1600. This replaces the previous torrent which went up through OCR1500.

Additionally, according to Liontamer, OCR will now be updating their torrents “every 100 songs, or about once a year”.

PAX: Penny Arcade Expo!

Well, it’s that time of year once again. The Penny Arcade Expo, which has been running since 2004, and doubling in size each year, is once again coming to downtown Seattle, Washington this month. The dates are August 24th through the 26th.

PAX is an expo for gamers. The festival features tabletop games of all kinds, LAN (you must pre-register to obtain a space, see the FAQs on the PAX web site for more information), a freeplay game area, and much more. It’s basically gamers’ heaven!
Also, PAX has concerts, panels, parties, and lots of other special events such as the Omegathon. What is this Omegathon? It’s a three day elimination tournament with games of all kinds from tabletop, PC and console. The field of competitors is chosen from people who pre-order PAX passes (a total of 20 competitors). At the end, on the final day of PAX, the competitors play a final game (from the first year it was PONG, the second year it was Atari’s Combat and last year it was Tetris), and there’s a huge prize waiting at the end for the winner. Last year’s prizes were a Scion with a custom rim and paint package, a sound system package, LCD screens, and an Xbox 360.

This year looks to be their largest year EVER! So if you’re in the area, or just interested in going for the concerts and panels, go here to register. Don’t forget, it’s coming soon!

Console Digest: Modchip Raid, PS3 gets Recording Capabilities

U.S. Customs agents raid 32 homes and businesses in an attempt to curb illegal console modding, and Sony announces an expansion of the PS3’s capabilities.
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency served search warrants on 32 homes and businesses which were involved in creating and distributing methods of circumventing copyright protection on game consoles. Although no details were released with regard to arrests or seizures, the raids were related to the sale of mod chips and swap discs for the PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Wii.

Source: PC World

Sony announced a new feature due out in March 2008 that will allow the PS3 to be used as a digital TV recorder, much like other DVRs like TiVo. This continues Sony’s trend of marketing the PS3 as more than just a gaming device, which has been sold in some markets primarily as a Blu-ray player and not as a console.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

MAGFest 6 Hotel Block Opens

From Brendan:

“That’s right, you can now reserve a hotel room for MAGFest 6! Rooms at the Hilton Mark Center are $99/night (+tax) for 1-4 people per room, one king or two double beds. We have the run of house arrangement, but that means first come first serve for whatever kind of room you want. Reserve early!

There isn’t an online link to reserve yet, so for now, just call the hotel and tell them you’ll be attending MAGFest. The number is 703-845-1010 (just hit 1 if you get an automated system). If you have any difficulties, let us know!”

ThaSauce: 2.0

We’re finally live. It’s not as drastic a change as I would’ve liked, but only because we’ve slowly rolled in these features over the last 6 months or so. Drastically new are the Tags module, which lets you tag any story, and the new front page, which is more news-site-ish. As you can see below we’re still adding some dynamic multimedia content, and we’re also tweaking the theme to fit the new features.
Coming up soon we’ll have new userpages, finally finish the forums-based comments system, clean up the news submission process (the one thing I haven’t touched at ALL, because the existing code is the worst thing imaginable) and hopefully find a way to get Multiheadlines up again (which isn’t able to update due to a change in the server config made by the host, which we can’t override).

The Feedback forum is now open for news discussion as well, so you can put ideas and questions about news stories there. I’ve also put up some News Style Guidelines.

So, get out there and tag some articles.