ALS4: On

From VGMix:

“Many of you know of it, and some of you have participated in it, and the latest incarnation is set to start in one day: Auld Lang Sine is the music “contest” I run, which has been on hiatus for a while but will be starting on September 1st. The concept isn’t so much a competition as it is to see who can write and produce an album within the allotted time.”
We’re starting a bit earlier than usual this year, simply because I’m anxious to get started, but there’s also one major change: I will be able to host all entries this time! My webhost has graciously expanded their plans to the extent that I don’t need to worry about webspace or bandwidth for quite a long time, so I’m now able to run the entire contest from my own site. 🙂

Visit for forthcoming details and the contest itself!

Additionally, Ubik requested that all former participants provide updated links to their works from previous ALSes, since he’ll also be re-hosting these as well.