Free Shit: Planet Boelex, Muxu, Benefit of the Boomerang, Bioshock, Free C&C1

Great great stuff this week, especially for fans of the XTREEM TECHNOES! Also, free commercial shit! Whoa! The quantity is not so great as it usually is, but the quality is way above normal 😀
Planet Boelex – Suunta
As promised, Kahvi Collective returns from its summer vacation with
some exclusive material from the one and only Planet Boelex. Previous
releases have enjoyed great success; each track having great style,
flair and production and most important, each track a mini epic in
itself. This time around we have a ‘mini-lp’ – 44 minutes of blissful
works entitled Suunta (Direction) full of beautiful vibes, deep,
atmospheric sounds, resounding basses with an analogue twist and those
fabulous bleeps that Boelex is reknowned for. Throughout the release
the highly polished results of many sleepless nights (right up to the
day before release!) are apparent – this is a release to treasure, take
a small taster and then dive right in.

Credits for this release: Production, arrangement and concept by Planet Boelex.Cover art by Travis Nobles (widescreen version on download album art link) “Forever and always” featuring Krister Linder on vocals ( ). Watch out for the legendary Mosaik making a surprise appearance in ‘Sisumies’

Planet Boelex has made available FLAC versions of all the tracks for a small donation. Head over to the Suunta Micro-Site to donate, download and enjoy the highest quality grooves around!

Muxu – Show Us Your Weak Side
This new release is most definitely Monotonik’s first from Malaysia,
thanks to duo Euseng and Liang, also known as Muxu, who’ve followed up
their self-released debut album ‘Above Us, A Clear Summer Sky’ with
this wonderful 6-track EP, ‘Show Us Your Weak Side’, here as the 190th
release on Mono.

The duo first met for a joint band project – with Liang
playing guitar for delightfully named band Citizens of Ice-Cream, but
set up Muxu in early 2006. They’ve also contributed a track to the
Mu-nest label compilation ‘We Are All Cotton-Hearted’, alongside other
artists such as Lullatone, Piana, Park Avenue Music and Aus.

In any case, Muxu starts out with the delightfully meandering
‘Hishiko’, all sliding ambience and strong melodies – reminding of
previous Monotonik artists Sleepy Town Manufacture through a distinct
guitar-infused Asian blend, perhaps? It only gets lusher from there,
with ‘Let’s Walk On The Frozen Sea’ weaving almost Harold Budd-esque
piano into the mix, and ‘Meeting Snow During Summer’ continuing the
carefully multi-layered shimmer.

Other highlights include the careful groove of ‘Moving At 30’
and the end track, ‘People Running Away’, which has us running towards,
not from Muxu’s lush sound from an unusual place. Thanks, guys.

Platonist – Alien & Human
EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

This week’s release from Reunion Studio is from the label’s regular, Platonist, one of the few guys left that still use old apps like Impulse Tracker to make their music [me, I’ve moved on to Renoise :P]. Still, the production is good enough that you can’t really tell at all, and this is a fun dance track, if a little overdone [yeah, more sampling of old movies about aliens from Mars :D]. GG.

Benefit of the Boomerang – Virgil’s Impending Techno Swing
Okay, for those not in the know, Benefit is a crazy dude. Well, his music is crazy, but crazy enough to be enjoyed by only the coolest dudes. If you don’t like glitch breaks or drill’n’bass, you might want to stay away. Otherwise, this is an awesome release. I know you fgts out there in VGMland will love this too: the first track is a glitched up version of One Winged Angel. Not the best track though, I actually like the other tracks a bit better, but the entire release is a treat and a surprising release from Ronin Collective, mainly because I thought they were dead.

Bisohock releases 12 orchestral tracks for free.
Okay, I’m sure you bleeding edge of technology PC gamers [or Xbox 360 owners] will enjoy this one. Unfortunately I cannot run Bioshock because my videocard won’t support shaders or something like that, so the game turns into a black screen with blocks of fire here and there. UNPLAYABLE (for now!). Anyway, if you liked the music, here’s some free tracks for you. It’s a rare treat but I love when otherwise commercial stuff gets released for free on the internet.

Command & Conquer 1 for free!
Thanks to GeckoYamori for linking this to me! Yeah, it’s not music, but the game does have music inside it, and it’s free. Yes, I also love free games 😀 [Home of the Underdogs for the win].

This week was a great week for Free Shit! The next week might be even better! Or it could have nothing at all. Send me links, fellas! See you next week.