Free Shit: Transient, Subatomic Vision, Me, DistantJ, TiS Artist of the Month
Transient – Melts Away…
Yet another self-released record by Transient, who already has something like 5 billion releases everywhere on the internet. If you already know how transient sounds, and you should, then this is more of the same crazy half-ambient half-glitch and usually pretty chill music. I enjoyed the whole thing, but if you don’t wanna dive right in I recommend “Pocket Universe,” “Stars,” and “Melts Away…,” the pretty ambient/pseudoorchestral track that ends the album much like “rpg” ended Hexual Ceiling I love archive’s streaming flash stuff that they have now. Makes searching for stuff so much more convenient 🙂

Subatomic Vision – Hang on to Your Tele-Vizzion
Reunion’s 50th release, and a cool psytrancey one at that. I’ve run out of new things to say about Reunion tracks so I’ll just say that this is your weekly dosage of UNTS. This is SV’s second release on Reunion.

OverCoat – Evaporative Air Coolers
Ssspoon! I finished this track at around 4 AM one night because I couldn’t sleep, much like how The Sky is Never Dark Anymore EP was made. This will probably be the basis for my ALS4 release, so expect similar things come New Year’s Day. Awesome. In other news, I have uploaded my albums to for streaming, and uploaded 2 older albums of mine to my site, Supercats and Ubo’s Restaurant.

DistantJ – Slayers NEXT – A Reason
DistantJ is pretty much the only guy who makes anime remixes anymore. I tried recently and failed horribly. This one is pretty good. BIG UPS. Check it out if you’ve seen Slayers or like DistantJ or unts.

TiLT – TraxInSpace Artist of the Month
The AotM feature on TraxInSpace is BACK! This time it’s TiLT, someone I chill with in #renoise on EsperNet every now and then. The interview by roncli [who also chills in #renoise] explains everything, so check it out! Contains links to his music and everything else! He’s already got lots of free tracks [15 or so] available on his TiS page, including a Monkey Island remix that you OCR fgts would probably enjoy.

That’s it for this week, unless I forgot something. This is the part where I ask you to mail me free shit. See you next week!