Sauce Digest: Changing Leaves Edition

That time of year again.A noisy video, hard-to-see content, and a few bugs round up the reasons for this month’s list of planned changes. You’ll also finally get a chance to put your points to use. Plus, a new way to access ThaSauce is on its way!
Another layout change will top off this month once the new featured content module goes into place. This’ll include new sections for featured links, artists, and projects, which’ll be automatically featured based on age, popularity, and content type. Part of the plan is to move this farther up the page, somehow interspersing it with the news content.

Also part of this is an all-new video module, which will include a YouTube player and more options for viewing and saving videos.

A re-style of the forums is in order, we’re going to be bringing it in-line with the rest of the site, as well as wiki upgrades that should let us re-open public registration. We’d like to also update the wiki’s style, but there may not be enough time in the schedule for that.

Here comes a chance to spend some of those points you’ve been accumulating over the years. By the end of the month I’ll have the raffle module in place, where you can put up your points for a chance to win a ThaSauce T-Shirt in your choice of white or black. Shirts are also available for $10 + Shipping, email or PM Xerol for information or orders.

Finally, we’ve had a PSP version of ThaSauce up for a while (which also is due for an upgrade), but now we’ll be adding a Mobile version of the site! It’ll be accessible from any web-capable phone or PDA, and have mobile-friendly features for keeping up on the latest articles.