Free Shit: Skipped a Week, but More Good Stuff

The week before last was pretty dry, but [fortunately?] ThaSauce was down, so I had an excuse not to write my column! This past week saw a lot of neat stuff though.
Alexey V – Dreamology
Sweet ambient from Alexey V. Dark and stylish, with a nice deep sound to it. He has 3 other releases on kahvi, and I recommend those as well, particularly Serbia

Bird Lantern – DuD
Loopy, kooky, fun hip hop. Thanks for all that karate, karate kid.

051 – Freeman – Angyalok
EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)
SERIOUS BUSINESS dance track, reminiscient of Carthage [my Reunion release] but a little different. Everyone’s gotta put ethnic instruments to beats eventually though.

052 – zircon – Warhead (Extended Mix)
EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)
Two from Reunion Studio in this column, they’re good at keeping with their 1 track a week schedule 🙂 Zircon’s track is considerably lighter than Freeman’s, a bit more playful and fun, and as usual, the kind of mainstream-ish crowdpleasing style you’re used to from Zircon. This song is a remix of one of his tracks off of his album Antigravity, which he is always telling me to buy. If you’d like to support zircon and give him a little pocket change, consider buying this album.

Dan Reynolds – Lifestream
No voices here [pun]. This is Free Shit’s first taiko drum song though.
“I got to do a user demo for a new sample library called Tsaiko Drums
and I wanted to do something that had the feel of a good ol’ fashioned
taiko drum concert as an homage to my favorite taikoist, Joji Hirota
(so it’s definitely ala his style):” – Dan
A short and fun drumming tune you should check out 🙂 I think the sample library sounds pretty damn good, myself.

Transient – Universal Love
“i’m trying to do a project something along the indie-rockish lines yah know w/ guitars and vocals and all that.” -transient
This is different from usual Transient. Not so different though. It just has more guitars and more singing 😀

ogge – kelvin
You will play this with subwoofers.

Joshua Morse – Waveform
It’s what Joshua Morse usually makes, but this time… with FM synths! You should really really really get this if you enjoy music. Me being a Genesis fan anyway makes me fall in love with anything that sounds like this regardless of composition, but Joshua Morse has really got a knack for making a sexy groove. Save this to your computer.