Free Shit: Vostek, Electric Concerto, Grateful Dead spotlight

‘Twas a slow week. I still have a few cool things, though.

Vostek – Clearance Instation
Kahvi really needs to check artists for using so many synth presets [I hear a bunch of them from this netlabel all the time], but it’s still good music regardless. Vostek introduces himself to my music library with 3 tracks of spacey chillout music that puts me at ease.

Electric Concerto – Alone
Score! An Anime Remix! This is a trance remix of “Sadness and Sorrows” from Naruto. Yeah, another one. And we have another mix of the same song to be posted soon. Hooray, anyway.

Grateful Dead Archive is the best site on the internet and this is one reason why. Billions of Grateful dead recordings, in varying quality, and all available to stream online. Sometimes when you just wanna chill, and you’re tired of all the IDM and trance, this is the perfect thing. I’ve known about this for a while, but since there’s not much Free Shit this week I figured I’d feature it this week. This pretty much exemplifies the concept behind my column.