New Protricity song on OCReMix! Amends?

Metal Slug 3 ‘Light ‘Em Up’ write-up:

So, of all the names involved in this flood, Ari’s might be the most
surprising; his relationship with the judges panel, the overall site,
and me personally has certainly had its ups and downs, putting it
tactfully. However, for the recent Content Policy discussion,
we needed his input, since he has a significant body of work on the
site. We talked on IM and I unbanned him from our forums since
everything seemed mellow and relatively copasetic, and thus far this
hasn’t proven a major mistake on my part. My Spidey-Sense tells me that
with time and distance tends to come perspective and objectivity, and
hopefully that’s the case on both sides. Regardless, he’s submitted a
badass Metal Slug 3 mix, so any past dramarama is really secondary if
not tertiary, as there’s some musical butt to be kicked.

This song is part of an “old school” flood on OverClocked ReMix. Other songs are still TBA. Stay tuned 😮