Free Shit: 20kbps, Ansi, Mikael Fyrek, William Fields, Platonist, Luke Williams

Okay, I skipped a week. Oops! I can’t remember what I was doing last Sunday night but it was more important than Free Shit. Anyway, there’s lots of stuff to cover, so read on!

20kbps rec.
I can’t remember how I came across this aptly-titled netlabel, but it’s an interesting objective, and I love labels with interesting objectives. Long story short, it’s a netlabel that releases all its music in mp3 format, 20 kbps. Listening to the latest release by Origami Repetika, it’s a nice, chill, but at times weird, acoustic guitar-driven EP. In 20kbps. In my mind, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for the “good old days” of the internet somehow, back when everyone had lossier-than-fuck RealMedia streams, and GeoCities or Homestead was the only free hosting you got. and there were no websites based on “social networking.” Why in my day, we used newsgroups and bulletin boards and we liked it. Well, we still like it. And I like this. Give it a listen if you have a guilty pleasure in lossy.

Ansiform – Satellite
The new ansiform release is, well, ambient. As usual. Nothing quite as interesting or unique as the last release, Gong Fog, but it’s still new material for those seeking refuge from the loud, beat-driven, overcompressed music world.

Mikael Fyrek – In Riots of Color They Spin
They spinnin’ nigga, they spinnin’! I haven’t heard a new Mikael Fyrek release for a while now, and it’s about time, ’cause his music is something I need more of. This particular release is both lo-fi and high quality at the same time. You’ll be hearing a lot of choir, piano, and bells interspersed with static, slightly dirty synths, and bitcrushed drums. It’s not melodic, more like “chordic” if that’s even a word, but the music focuses more on an instrumental and chordal progression rather than a melody, yet the songs are still just as memorable. At least to me.

William Fields – The Ruby-Leif
I was referenced to Kikapu by vinced, after he rejected Garden Art from Camomille, and was saddened that Kikapu was not actually accepting any demos for now. But I checked out some of the releases on the site and they did kind of remind me of my own music. The newest release by William Fields is driven by light beats and airy synths, with a bit of a random touch.

Dead Eros – Cycle EP
This new monotonik release is actually kind of like… idm pop. Fans of Lackluster or Transient [or me] will no doubt enjoy this a lot. Unlike distance/lackluster though, it’s downtempo but has more energy to it. Cute and fun to listen to. Likes long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners.

Platonist – Yarn of Wool (2oo7 Mix)
It’s that Platonist chip trance again! I’ve never heard the original but this tune has nice heavy beats for those untsfans.

Luke Williams – Per Diem
The concept behind this album is that he spent an hour on one song every day until he had enough. I’m glad someone else shares my enthusiasm for the one hour compo.