Free Shit: Shnabubula, Nova Viator, Psylent Buddhi, Beatdrop

Four! Four items of interest this week!
Finally a mention of free music from someone besides me! Another Soundscape writes:
“Sam ‘Shnabubula’ Ascher-Weiss has released many albums of original Here you can find over 7 original albums, some chiptunes and piano
performances. A true goldmine. Sam’s work is highly enjoyable even
though it’s at times very spastic. Creative digital signal processing
should be his second name together with jazz. Go get this now! If you’re stupid and want to try something out before downloading it
all I recommend “She’s a grammar god” and “Community Knowledge”. Great
short albums. in mp3 format over at his webspace”


Nova Viator – Rudi Rudi
many moons went by and all of a sudden an apparition appeared on the
horizon – a reinvented ‘luke the wizard’ no less, this time around
known as Nova Viator. A couple of huge releases suddenly arrived in the
inbox. Rudi Rudi is the more unconventional of the two, with 17(!)
tracks of uniqueness. I would say the best description of this release
is a patchwork of ‘shorts’ – ranging from 40 seconds to 6 minutes long,
all painting one bigger picture. All the tracks have something quite
epic, interesting and unheard before – the truly unique and odd to the
idm inspired masterpieces. this is the sign of a really nice release,
so take a deep breath and listen to the man who calls himself ‘Nova

Psylent Buddhi – Retrocede
Some nice goa/psytrance, with synthwork reminiscient of The Alpha Conspiracy [here] [and here] though by and far more straightforward and danceable, enjoyable for other reasons 🙂

Beatdrop – Burn Out (Neslo Remix)
Beatdrop – Get Down
THIS IS SHITTY MAINSTREAM DANCE MUSIC. Most of you know who Beatdrop is so I’ll spare the introduction and just say that he’s recently released two tracks this past week, both pretty high quality and enjoyable.