Free Shit: c4, ocbalt, kim-i/o, binster

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c4_-_nuclear_love_powerhouse-(20k226)-2007. highly caffienated electronic music artist c4 (proc-records)
drives us crazy with his second release, nuclear love powerhouse! it
features two fabulous breakbeat-techno and a very nice ambient track.
you’re on the planet!
[soc note: this is released on the 20kbps Netlabel. It is supposed to sound like that]

Ocbalt – As Is EP
“A debut on Monotonik, then, for Finland-based electronic music artist
Ocbalt, with some delightfully bubble, vocoded tracks from his upcoming
‘Vintage Art’ album.

The full album should be out on a physical label pretty soon, but we,
luckily enough, get a digital EP to precede it, with the brief spoken
word ‘What Is Art?’ seguing swiftly into the surprising bleep-pop of
‘Bribe’, which showcases sweet multi-tracked vocoded singing and
super-catchy synths, all stutter-step.

The other two tracks are dead-on, too, with ‘As Is’ blasting a
little tarantella on drums before spooky synths wander in and looped
spaceman vocals wander across the top somewhere or other. Finally,
‘Okno’ has an odd spoken word loop to start out before some absolutely
delightful idmpop wanders into view, catchy and smart. ‘Ok yes’, Ocbalt
– and thanks for sharing with us.”

“[Kim I/O] –
Record Spins

damnation straight from Japan.”

057 – Binster – Steve’s Lament (Reunion Mix)

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Electromelodic
– prog : Reason 3
– date : 26 okt 2007

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