Community Digest – October 2007

Hello dearest readers. October is quickly coming to a close, so I believe it’s time for a recap of all the little things that happened this month! A lot of things happened that we didn’t really cover much, so we’re going to regurgitate them for you. Our readers. Our dedicated fans. All two of you. So here goes!

  • Ari “Protricity” Asulin is trying to make amends with certain sects in the community. He began by submitting to OverClocked ReMix in an attempt to patch things up with OCR. Prot also recently made an offer to assist VGMix staff in coding their new site. An offer which was refused by virt, who stated that the VGMix staff has had “EXTREMELY bad luck with volunteer programmers.” (An offer made by some members of ThaSauce staff to assist with VGMix was refused for the same reasons.) On a positive note, virt did genuinely thank Prot for the offer. Amends?
  • Mustin is still producing EPs and yes, he still wants your money.
  • Famous, or perhaps we should say, infamous remixer Sadorf was recently banned from OverClocked ReMix. The given reason? “General douchitude.” Surprising? It’s up to you to decide! Wait, you mean he’s unbanned now? Oh. Well then. Carry on.
  • listeners fell in love with OverClocked ReMixers after the release of Voices of the Lifestream. For several weeks, Mustin, JJT, Trenthian, and a few others were in and out of the top 5 movers at
  • djpretzel has finalized the new OverClocked ReMix submissions standards. All remixes submitted from now on will have to adhere to those rules. Be sure to look them over!
  • It was recently noted that the soundtrack of the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy will be at least in part played by a live orchestra. You can check out a video of the orchestra at
  • Last but not least, ThaSauce staff has begun the planning stage of some serious revisions to ThaSauce and other network sites. We’re trying to keep the planning and discussion open to the community, so you can let your ideas be heard in this ridiculous thread. Or.. anywhere in the forums, really.

So that about sums things up for now. If you think we missed anything else, please, SUBMIT some NEWS! In fact we’re always looking for more staff writers, so if you’ve got what it takes, let me or rama know!