Free Shit: Eeben, Shnab, Hertzca, piston source comp., Freeman, Keith303

Didn’t have enough stuff for 1 week, but now there’s plenty of material for the two weeks since the last Free Shit. Read on!
Aleksi Eeben – Five Fish Fingers
People who have been following my free links for a while should know about Aleksi Eeben (formerly known as Heatbeat) by now. His stuff ranges from crazy and spastic, to groovy, to total relaxation. This short EP does all of that, and is a sort of tribute to Debussy’s birthday which was a few months ago [it was created a while ago but is just now released on kahvi]. I’d recommend this if you’re a fan of Shnabubula, who in fact just released…

Samuel Ascher-Weiss – Ender’s Game
…a soundtrack inspired by characters from the popular “Ender’s Game” sci-fi book series, a story which I enjoyed quite a lot throughout my youth. This particular music by Shnabubula is a really cool mix of orchestra and some light electronic synths, with an incredibly creative dynamic composition that is totally unique to Sam. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like this, and it’s still cool as hell. Highly recommended [even if you haven’t read Ender’s Game yet… which you should].

hertzca_-_true_this_is_totally_untrue-(20k227)-2007. “time for true values! germans twinkling star in elektro-sky, Hertz-CA. (head of abulia concepts)
is back with a more than an hour live-mix of her own terrific swinged
up stuff, rife with bleep noises, squealing sounds and eclectic plop
rhythms. make up your minds!

(PS024) [Various
Artists] – 8-bit Tsunami

more 8-bit breaks from the only .ptcop netlabel ever, piston source. all the regular cool artists on this one

Two new releases on Reunion, both really freaking good:
059 – Freeman – Way Out

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Progressive/Chill-Out
– prog : Fruity 7
– date : 9 nov 2007

058 – keith303 – Evaluate Your Life

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Drum & Bass
– prog : Renoise 1.9rc2
– date : 2 nov 2007

And that’s all for this fortnight! I might stick to a bi-weekly schedule as there will be more content per column, but that’ll depend on how productive the week is :).