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tronic_koi_-_hot_kog-(20k229)-2007. tronic_koi
(which is short for ‘heaven or the kingdom of god’) from nagold,
germany debutes on 20kbps with a poignant downtempo ep fitting
consummately to current november days. seven drop-dead gorgeous
mini-tracks, somewhere between ambient and electro, are waiting for
you. tronic_koi is also known as kristellar.

pic by h0l

A Monotonik debut from UK-based electronic music artist Distruc, whom
you might know from releases on Hippocamp and his co-founding of
Japanese electronic japesters the Freeta Corrective, as well as his
debut physical album ‘Clip & Glide’, released on Australian label
Artists Known As.

In any case, his debut EP for us, ‘Junctions’, is a
satisfyingly crunchy set of almost electro-tinged, pure headphone
listening idm, which we continue to cherish like we’re Gollum, and
‘Path’ sets it up beautifully, all loops of life and whooping drums.

All of the long, flowing tracks work wonderfully, but ‘Unlock’ is
another highlight, with mechanical percussion and sweeping chord
repetition, plus a surprisingly funky robotic bassline at play. Things
finish out with ‘Crossings’, another bass-heavy jam through Detroit vs.
idm super-pure sine wave skronk – and we are happy.

Download Distruc’s ‘Junctions EP’ from:
1. “Path” – (d/l
2. “Unlock” – (d/l
3. “Slumber” – (d/l
4. “Crossings” – (d/l

..or download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

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Gimme the cuteness! i want it!!

[pj001] — 2007-09-19
We are proud to present: Pantoufle Tagada
Some words about it:

been taking our time to contact artists we appreciated to be sure to
deliver some lovely tunes that would definitly give the artistic line
of this netlabel.

So here we are with our first release named “Pantoufle Tagada“, a nice launching compilation for the sake of cuteness

The cuteness will transport you on a pony ride from Purusha’s
(Ogredung) progtoytronica to papercutz’s (Apegenine) childtronica, from
Doroasako’s progressive folktronica to El zoolÛgico’s pizzicato ,
passing by Original Recipe’s (Vinyl Republik) fresh pianopop to
kaneel’s (Camomille, Ogredung) “joie de vivre” glitchtronics, vim’s
(Monotonik) spring melodies to fah’s (Ronin) analog cute-acid without
forgetting surasshu’s (Apegenine, Camomille) electro music with video
game gimmicks while balùn people (Aerotone) are coming up with their
cutey electropop and dot tape dot (spar.RK, NatureBliss) rejoins with
his toy harp and trumpet experiments. In the meantime, makunouchi bento
(Camomille, Ogredung, One) will delight your ears during a sweet and
tender music box interlude for your christmas parties while Nej will
come up with some sweet electropop and treacle (BEE Records) will bring
back the groove to some cutetronica.

this compilation will act like the exact time-travel machine you needed
to bring you back some childhood reminiscences, so we hope you’ll enjoy
this 55 minutes long launching compilation as much as we enjoyed
setting this all up.

download and enjoy:

[track 01] Purusha – Rabirabi
[track 02] dot tape dot – farpa (toy harp & plastic trumpet serenade)
[track 03] Doroasako – Je reviendrai
[track 04] Makunouchi Bento – Two Mechanical Snowghosts
[track 05] Original Recipe – Puppy
[track 06] Nej – Tell You
[track 07] Balùn – Alicia
[track 08] El zoolÛgico – Penguin and Sea Lion
[track 09] Vim – That Smell of Spring Rain
[track 10] kaneel – Pyjama Lapin
[track 11] Surasshu – 5 a.m.
[track 12] Treacle – Stereotape
[track 13] Fah – I Hope You’re Happy With Me
[track 14] :papercutz – Lembras-te?

download the whole release here
download the whole artpack here

2007.11.24 (PS026) [Regantor]
– The Mark of Cake
delicious sandwiches and a cake for dessert.

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061 – Platonist – Electropic Heat

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Electropic Dance
– prog : Schism Tracker CVS
– date : 23 nov 2007

060 – Void Pointer – The Arlect

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Chill-Out/Tech
– prog : Renoise 1.8
– date : 16 nov 2007

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louisville chill sessions vol 1
23.11.2007 10:13:07
now available as download

as premiered on
the louisville chill session vol 1 – mixed by xerxes

1. deep forest – sweet lullaby (ambient mix)
2. bliss (feat lisbeth scott) – reveal
3. i awake – inferno
4. jon hopkins – contact note
5. cell – erasing pluto
6. sinead o’conner – troy (schiller mix)
7. carbon based lifeforms – world of sleepers
8. ulrich schnauss – goodbye
9. jaia – desert walk
10. gary jules – mad world (alternative version)

enjoy 🙂

#227a-227f Zainetica / Winter Comes [stream]
Its been a fair old while since we had Zainetica featured on the
Collective, mainly due to the fact that ‘Winter Comes’ is an ep that
can only be released once a year and unfortunatley the release schedule
didn’t permit release in 2006 – so, finally, after a slight delay of
one year (!) we have a suitably winter themed ep for this time of year.
Mellow beats and grooves and some cool retro ambience as the tracks
melt into one another. Slight industrial tints here and there, a spot
of elektro and you have what makes a curiously interesting and
enjoyable release. Listen and bathe in the cold light of Zainetica.

download whole ep as ogg (.zip)
download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip) whole ep (.mp3) mirror

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#228a-228f Speak / Mindsplit [stream]
Branching off in a completely different direction now @ Kahvi.
Something entirely refreshing comes in the form of a six track ep from
guest artist mindsplit. The ep is a dub oriented blast with elements of
ethnic percussion, idm and electronica and reggae beats. Slow paced but
interesting and diverse, Mindsplit sets the mood for the kahvi
‘christmas release week’ which will be happening from 17th to 21st
december. One release each day until the official kahvi christmas
release which will be released on friday 21st. Enjoy some cool and
dubbed vibes.

download whole ep as ogg (.zip)
download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip) whole ep (.mp3) mirror