PS3 Does Well In Japan, X-box 360 Left Out…

…in the cold, apparently.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately on news articles such as these mainly because I look for perspective on the gaming industry. Well, I found an interesting one in this article. Apparently Sony’s PS3 has, for the first time since launch, sold more in Japan than Nintendo’s Wii. I thought that was pretty amazing considering PS3’s launch was a horrible, horrible lesson in supply and demand, as well as proper pricing, as you have seen from the more recent $100 price drop on the PS3.
Also, and probably more importantly, X-box 360 is having compatibility
issues with Halo 3, according to the article, gamers are complaining
that it’s not fully compatible with the hardware. As if that wasn’t bad
enough, there is also a class-action lawsuit that has been filed by
said gamers. On top of console “meltdowns”, literally, as well as
breakdowns, Microsoft has put aside somewhere in the neighborhood of $1
billion to address the issue.

Also, for you investors out there, EA and Activision stock is up. Huzzah!

For more information, please read the article itself, as well as check out the forum thread I’ve started over at OverClocked Remix for discussion.