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[Click image to download “The Black Widow EP”]
This is my first real “album release”. This is also my most
experimental effort to date, and has some of the strangest songs that
I’ve ever made, and ever will make.

This album is in part inspired by a widow that I know, and also by the strange habits of the Black Widow.

I made this album about two months ago, so it’s not as good as some of
the things I’ve been doing lately. Still, at the very least I hope that
some of you find it interesting. Just be warned that this isn’t for

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063 – GaMeBoX – Quantum

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Electronic
– prog : Reason 3
– date : 07 dec 2007

New from transient (transient – 3 ton script [nvr035])
free download


20kbps rec.
07. Dec 07

french artist JKP is back on track with a new mind-guzzling chip
release. in the almost 2 years that have been passed since his lobit
debut, he appeared on labels like Mekkanikal Industries, Audioactivity, Cannibal Caniche and Abyssa. 4 short but intense harsh video game noise and bit pop power electronic tracks waiting for you!


Hey all,

So a few people have asked for it and I just got around
to posting it. Here is a zip file of some Ren and Stimpy production
music… you know, all those awesome 1950’s orchestra songs underneath
the carnage which is Ren and Stimpy.




For those who have not yet seen the new design(s), behold: – new site built strictly for my music – new site built for my web design / multimedia work – completely customized MySpace page; basically a fusion of the 2 above pages, with less content.




There’s a good artist from my local area, he’s only new in the whole
industry, but considering, the effect is not half bad. He deserves a
more credit than he gets, so check him out:

He doesn’t yet have a website, but all his albums are available from the above link

-1337 1


Dert Floyd – The Westside of the Moon –

This hip-hop producer has grimey written all over him! You’ll hear some
great sampled stuff as well as other types of modern clubbie type
beats. Note that the tracks are beats and there’s only one song with
rap in it. A treat for anyone into the classics like myself.

[21:56] <@zircon>
[21:56] <@zircon> i counter

Thanks for all the free shit, people besides me! See you in 2 weeks.