SGX ALBUM: Hero of the Grey Area

According to a post by SGX himself on the OverClocked Remix forums, tomorrow (Wednesday, December 12), his new album, Hero of the Grey Area, goes on sale. But this is far from an ordinary sale of a CD album of his. This sale starts at, for a limited time, $4.99! Are you outta your mind? No says SGX, this is all just an experiment.

The information comes straight at you from the man himself:

“I have streaming previews of every track on the album, downloads of all
the previews and full songs available at the page above. If you follow
my stuff, you’ll know that I do release some of the tracks I put on my
albums to gather interest, but I’ve only released two full tracks and a
few shortened versions for free from this album. There’s about 40
minutes of tunes you haven’t heard yet on this album. Also, everything
has been professionally mastered, so you haven’t heard the NIIICE
sounding versions of the tracks either.

I’m doing a little experiment with the pricing of the download version – For a possibly limited time, I’m setting the price at $4.99 to start, with the option of ‘tipping’ me if you should so please.
Normally, I think I’d set the price at $7.99, so I’m going to watch how
much comes in, and decide in a month or so to put it back to fixed
pricing or not.”

Also, SGX is giving buyers a choice between high quality VBR MP3 and FLAC lossless audio formats.

Also, don’t forget about scoring a copy of the physical CD itself:

“The physical CD is set at $14.99 with free shipping. Whenever you buy a
physical item from me, you also get the download version free so that
you can listen right away. If you’ve ever seen copies of the limited
edition Chroma, Outmoded, or SGXRMX2, you’ll know I do discs up right
with sexy on-disc printing and a nice deluxe jewel case from these guys.

The Album will also go on sale at and iTunes as soon as
cdbaby gets done processing and setting it all up. Can’t give a
specific date on those.”

you’ve ever heard SGX’s music, then you know it’s totally quality. I
suggest you pick it up as soon as possible before supplies run out! And
you know they will!

Also check out: for more information.