Free commercial hip-hop album (non-OverCoat affiliated)

The hip-hop duo Atmosphere has released a full-length free CD for Christmas. Atmosphere has become arguably one of the most successful hip hop groups over the year, founding the Rhymesayers record label which has signed artists such as P.O.S., I Self Define, and MF Doom.
This isn’t some 3rd rate internet recording, either. This is the real deal quality hip hop. Over the years Atmosphere has become my single most listened to band, so it’s obvious that I thoroughly recommend it.

as a way to thank all of our supporters, ant and i have put together this party favor.

it’s called “strictly leakage.” thirteen songs to chase away the winter doldrums.
free and downloadable at this link : Right Click and Save as…

it’s great for first dates, crappy houseparties, or to play in the backround while you google yourself again.

is downloadable a word?
what’s a doldrum?

nonetheless, thank you for the love, and please have a happy safe holiday.

oh yeah, i almost forgot,
“sad clown bad winter 11” is available now, and a new album from
atmosphere, “when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold” will
be available on april 22 2008.