Wardriver Releases war002: ‘An Ideal Euphemistic’

We’re pleased to announce the official release of Wardriver‘s second album, An Ideal Euphemistic, a free collective album by many of the artists on the Wardriver label.
An Ideal Euphemistic is a showcase of Wardriver talent, if you will. Featured on this album are old-school OverClocked ReMix talents like Starla, Px, and myself, obscure scene hipster OverCoat, upcomers like Skrypnyk and Monobrow, and TOP SECRET PROJECTS THAT WILL REMAIN TOP SECRET until you get me drunk enough at MAGFest. Oh, and that ILLiterate arbiter guy from R:TS.
Since the album is mostly a showcase there’s no real theme, so you can
expect a pretty wide variety of songs on there. So head on over to
Wardriver and grab this album. And if you haven’t yet, get Wardriver’s
first release, Tanasinn EP by OverCoat, while you’re there.

Merry Christmas!