SGX ALBUM: Hero of the Grey Area

According to a post by SGX himself on the OverClocked Remix forums, tomorrow (Wednesday, December 12), his new album, Hero of the Grey Area, goes on sale. But this is far from an ordinary sale of a CD album of his. This sale starts at, for a limited time, $4.99! Are you outta your mind? No says SGX, this is all just an experiment.

The information comes straight at you from the man himself:

“I have streaming previews of every track on the album, downloads of all
the previews and full songs available at the page above. If you follow
my stuff, you’ll know that I do release some of the tracks I put on my
albums to gather interest, but I’ve only released two full tracks and a
few shortened versions for free from this album. There’s about 40
minutes of tunes you haven’t heard yet on this album. Also, everything
has been professionally mastered, so you haven’t heard the NIIICE
sounding versions of the tracks either.

I’m doing a little experiment with the pricing of the download version – For a possibly limited time, I’m setting the price at $4.99 to start, with the option of ‘tipping’ me if you should so please.
Normally, I think I’d set the price at $7.99, so I’m going to watch how
much comes in, and decide in a month or so to put it back to fixed
pricing or not.”

Also, SGX is giving buyers a choice between high quality VBR MP3 and FLAC lossless audio formats.

Also, don’t forget about scoring a copy of the physical CD itself:

“The physical CD is set at $14.99 with free shipping. Whenever you buy a
physical item from me, you also get the download version free so that
you can listen right away. If you’ve ever seen copies of the limited
edition Chroma, Outmoded, or SGXRMX2, you’ll know I do discs up right
with sexy on-disc printing and a nice deluxe jewel case from these guys.

The Album will also go on sale at and iTunes as soon as
cdbaby gets done processing and setting it all up. Can’t give a
specific date on those.”

you’ve ever heard SGX’s music, then you know it’s totally quality. I
suggest you pick it up as soon as possible before supplies run out! And
you know they will!

Also check out: for more information.

Giving the gift of reviews

DragonAvenger on the OCR forums:

So it’s that Christmas month again, and last year BGC started a really
cool movement to get some lesser-listened-to songs more reviews. I
think it’s a great idea, and I want to bring it back this year.
Basically, there are tons of songs that have less than 20 reviews, and
even some with less than 10. I say we all try to find at least one song
a day that we haven’t listened to, or haven’t reviewed, and try to beef
up those review threads.

So, take a few minutes and grab a song you haven’t heard, or maybe
listen to one you haven’t reviewed and take a little time to write some

And, for the lame ending sentence,
“Give the gift of reviews!”

Free Shit: about:blank, GaMeBoX, transient, jkp, ren&stimpy, mazedude, and more!

[Click image to download “The Black Widow EP”]
This is my first real “album release”. This is also my most
experimental effort to date, and has some of the strangest songs that
I’ve ever made, and ever will make.

This album is in part inspired by a widow that I know, and also by the strange habits of the Black Widow.

I made this album about two months ago, so it’s not as good as some of
the things I’ve been doing lately. Still, at the very least I hope that
some of you find it interesting. Just be warned that this isn’t for

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063 – GaMeBoX – Quantum

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Electronic
– prog : Reason 3
– date : 07 dec 2007

New from transient (transient – 3 ton script [nvr035])
free download


20kbps rec.
07. Dec 07

french artist JKP is back on track with a new mind-guzzling chip
release. in the almost 2 years that have been passed since his lobit
debut, he appeared on labels like Mekkanikal Industries, Audioactivity, Cannibal Caniche and Abyssa. 4 short but intense harsh video game noise and bit pop power electronic tracks waiting for you!


Hey all,

So a few people have asked for it and I just got around
to posting it. Here is a zip file of some Ren and Stimpy production
music… you know, all those awesome 1950’s orchestra songs underneath
the carnage which is Ren and Stimpy.




For those who have not yet seen the new design(s), behold: – new site built strictly for my music – new site built for my web design / multimedia work – completely customized MySpace page; basically a fusion of the 2 above pages, with less content.




There’s a good artist from my local area, he’s only new in the whole
industry, but considering, the effect is not half bad. He deserves a
more credit than he gets, so check him out:

He doesn’t yet have a website, but all his albums are available from the above link

-1337 1


Dert Floyd – The Westside of the Moon –

This hip-hop producer has grimey written all over him! You’ll hear some
great sampled stuff as well as other types of modern clubbie type
beats. Note that the tracks are beats and there’s only one song with
rap in it. A treat for anyone into the classics like myself.

[21:56] <@zircon>
[21:56] <@zircon> i counter

Thanks for all the free shit, people besides me! See you in 2 weeks.

virt posts his set from Blip Festival 2007

CHz posted in the VGFrequency blog:

Manhattan art space The Tank and New York artist collective 8bitpeoples announce the Blip Festival 2007, a four-day music and multimedia event taking place in New York City November 29 – December 2, 2007. Focusing on the modern artistic exploration of primitive video game and home computer technology and featuring 40 musicians and visualists from around the world, the Blip Festival showcases artists adopting and repurposing familiar but forgotten hardware – such as the Commodore 64, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Atari game console and home computer line, and the Nintendo Game Boy – exploring their untapped potential and unique aesthetic character.

Blip Festival 2007 has come and gone, but the legend shall live on. The event featured Nullsleep, Blasterhead, and other big names from the modern chiptune scene getting down and dirty in New York’s The Tank. On Friday, November 30, one of the performers was Jake “virt” Kaufman, riding the wave of his most recently released game work, Contra 4.

Today, virt posted the six songs he played during his set. The set included arrangements of past songs he wrote (including one from a game he scored, Shantae), an arrangement of Jamiroquai’s “Love Foolosophy,” and a few original pieces. Check the video below for a short snippet of his performance of “DnB Chip Mix 07″:

“DnB Chip Mix 07″ gets my vote for best track by being an epic nine and a half minutes of FM bliss, but also worth mentioning is “Loli Fishing Next 20,000 Leagues,” a chiptune arrangement of a Kwakfest piece. Really, though, you can’t go wrong with any piece.

New Mazedude website:

For those who have not yet seen the new design(s), behold: – new site built strictly for my music – new site built for my web design / multimedia work – completely customized MySpace page; basically a fusion of the 2 above pages, with less content.



OC ReMix adds new list formats for games & remixes

djpretzel on the OCReMix forums:

Tonight, after multiple hours of development that had my girlfriend
yelling at me for breaking a promise to stop at 10:00pm, I uploaded
modifications to OCR’s list system that, in my opinion, represent a
substantial improvement.
  • Multiple ReMixers are now credited, instead of just a count
  • Multiple composers are now credited, instead of just a count
  • Individual songs are listed, where available, for each mix
  • Japanese names of both games and composers are presented in context
  • Columns and font sizes have been rearranged for enhanced usability
  • System icons have been added to help distinguish game/remix records

Phew! Honestly, this was a boatload of work, and I wouldn’t be
surprised if there are a couple issues that need to be fixed. Let us
know what you think, and report any problems here!