JoeCam/OverLooked ReMix Releases First Remix Album of 2008

Straight from JoeCam, OverLooked ReMix has released the first remix album of 2008 featuring music from Spelunker.


One of the shittiest games I can remember for the NES.

Seriously, you died if you fell like half the length of the size of your character’s sprite. It was pretty asstastic.

The music was pretty meh and repetitive as well, but the game has a name that is fun to say, so needless to say I felt it
deserved to have an entire remix project devoted to it, but it’s not like it deserved a GOOD remix project, so OLR was the place to go.

Yes, the home of joke mixes and a whole bunch of people I never even heard of before. Seriously, what the hell is a Richter anyways?