thieves of fate: a radical dreamers remix project released at OCR!

Theives of Fatethe project that i’ve headed up since august 2006, Thieves of Fate, released a few days ago at OCR. comprised of fifteen tracks and two bonus remixes, ToF:RD represents the combined work of eighteen artists, featuring such well-known remixers as ktriton, po!, Fishy, Ross Kmet, Geoffrey Taucer, and DrumUltimA, this is an enjoyable project with a variety of memorable tracks. go and get it at the OCR project website!

people to thank:
-djp, for working his arse off to get everything to work on the ocr end
-oa, for not only mixing 3.5 tracks, but also writing the site and doing the artwork
-the mixers, for mixing
-the hosters (bongo, oa, and escariot) for hosting the entire project