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2008 is going to be a busy year. I’ve been adding lots and lots of new places to my queue, and I’ll introduce them as well as plug new music as usual.

First off let’s introduce the three new things. Well, two are new, one is really old but Spamtron was nice enough to let me know about it.

Oldest first:
Eerik Inpuj sounds
“By the way, go to right now if you like ambient / experimental music. Great stuff.” – spamtron

No real graphics to speak of so it doesn’t get a cool banner on this page :V It does have artists like proswell, ilkae, temp sound solutions though, so there’s definitely some good shit here.

No images, all flash. Makes it hard to link to stuff, but this one has more great artists like Shnabubula, who runs the place. This is more of a direct offshoot of OCR though, so there’s artists like Protricity, Another Soundscape, Red Tailed Fox, et al. Sam really wants you to submit content, also, so go ahead and give him all you got :3

This project has evolved so much from its original conception (at which
it was no more than a vague, shiny flicker of an idea) and it’ll
probably have unfolded a dozen times more by the time I reach the end. The Cocoon
began with a single seed – the idea that life is not linear but
cyclical, and that identity is not fixed but intangible. I offer this
knotted collection of mixed-media metaphor in the hope that someone
might find within it some muffled echo of a familiar rhythm. Updates
will be made as often as the time and opportunities present themselves!

The nature of The Cocoon
is not to explain or to analyse ideas in simple terms but to express by
feel and by poetry what is, to me, both inexpressible and inescapable.
This is an attempt to harness the most chaotic, most real parts of me.
I hope that by the time this project is complete (if it can ever truly
be complete) you’ll begin to understand why it is that I’m so obsessed
with these symbols and these ideas and these patterns. And even if you
don’t, which is quite possible, then I hope it will be able to provide
you at least with some mildly intriguing brain-food…
” – Helen Trevillion

I’m not really sure what this is, but she has a new song available on the site for free so tada~!


20kbps rec.
we’ve finally reached the end of our x-mas series, after more than 30
releases we bring you ‘the hardliner’ with his latest insane bitcore ep
‘look how i transgress’. hard crushing chip gabber like we love it! put
up the volume – screw your neighbours.


#234a-234e Bit24 / Stardust EP [stream]
Its the first week of January so what better time for the first release
of 2008. The releases this year will feature the usual quality and
indulgence that you’re used to, and what better way to start than with
this 5 track ep by Canadian guest artist, Bit24. The ep has it all
going for it – breakbeat, idm, electronic vibes and coolness, a hint of
c64ism and elektro spice. An interesting and exciting introduction to
2008! Enjoy!

#233a-233h Xurba / Eidetic Visions [stream]
The culmination of Christmas Release week is this truly fabulous 8 track ep by Kahvi’s newest find – Xurba.
The definition of the Kahvi sound indeed, heavily influenced by Boards
of Canada, Xurba creates tracks with such detail and depth, commercial
quality throughout, that you seriously can’t get enough of them. So
much so, Kahvi has already released a 16 track album from the man
himself on Beatport
with another album to shortly follow, from which ennui and in darker
places are taster tracks. Listen, indulge and learn. Welcome Xurba, and
Happy Christmas too all Kahvi fans, see you in 2008!


Date Release Id File info Artist Title
31/12/07 mtk.mp3.196 [9 tracks, 18 minutes, 16.6mb] Pliant ‘Musical Endeavor’
pic by pliant

Monotonik rounds out 2007 with a bit of a gem – a free digital release
of the super-rare Pliant mini-CD ‘Musical Endeavor’, the quirky
video-game inspired electronica blast originally released on New
York-based label Systorm Technologies back in 2000.

What do you need to know about this? Well, the super-perky 9
track, 18 minute release is chronicling a fictional video game of some
kind, and from the dynamic, spider-bass infused ‘Title’, it’s clear
that you’re being taken through the game in aural form, thanks to
previous Monotonik release Pliant’s bleep-pop stylings.

Some highlights? ‘Options’ is funked-up loping, slightly sinister pseudo-game music, and ‘Forest’ conjures up previous Monotonik release ‘Maruera Gum’
with some aplomb, before the super-weird waltz-ish ‘Volcano’ and the
reprise of ‘Credits’ finish things off in dischordant, intriguing form.

Download Pliant’s ‘Musical Endeavor’ from:
1. “Title” – (d/l
2. “Options” – (d/l
3. “Village” – (d/l
4. “Forest” – (d/l
5. “Hills” – (d/l
6. “Cave” – (d/l
7. “Volcano” – (d/l
8. “Boss” – (d/l
9. “Credits” – (d/l

..or download the entire release from or from – plus stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

The image ìî cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
070 – Psyjuntan – Mjuk Som En Sten

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Rock / Psytrance
– prog : Cubase Etc
– date : 11 jan 2008

069 – Ultraljud – My X Me

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Electro / Lounge
– prog : Logic & Ableton Live
– date : 04 jan 2008

THEOPHAGUS home recordings 1993-2003

embarrassing words and music by jason cox



An Ideal Euphemistic

war002 / 2007-12-24

Ideal Euphemistic is Wardriver’s first collective release, and a small
showcase of some of the talent featured on the label. A pretty eclectic
mix of rock, electronic, and orchestral tones, An Ideal Euphemistic is
pretty awesome and stuff. Enjoy! (Cover art by Eon Blue)

101. Beaten Bishop – Treedom
102. Px – Lookin Around
103. Skrypnyk – Mumbo Jumbo
104. Masterbeta – Nightwatch
105. OverCoat – Cups
106. MFSnakes – Grizzly Adams
107. Injury – Sneaky
108. Suzumebachi – Park City
109. Monobrow – RhoTroiKa
110. ILLiterate – Who Watches The Watchmen
111. Tyberius – Sorry I Wasted Your Time


new song free for download
24.12.2007 00:53:17
happy christmas 🙂

hi everyone,

a while since i released a free song for you all now, so here it is. 20
minutes of chill/ambient. the song is called “one-oh-three” (please
don’t ask me why). you will find the download link a bit down from
this text and in the download sections. the mp3 has been encoded in
320kbps for maximum quality, and it has been properly tagged so that
all of you who own the DVD
can add it to the folder structure on your harddisk. i very much hope
you enjoy this one; feedback is as usual always appreciated.

xerxes – one-oh-three
composed, produced and mixed by xerxes
mastered by magnus sørlie (aka miu)
contact: [email protected]

happy christmas 🙂


okay there’s your shitload of free for now 🙂 have fun downloading EVERYTHING IN THIS LIST PLZ