MAGFest VI has Rocked Out

As posted by Ill_Demon on the officlal MAGFest website:

Thanks to all who were at MAGFest VI! This one rocked as hard as any
other, and was so smooth overall that the hotel staff complimented us
on how polite the group was!
There were a few incidents, and to keep the rumor mill under control, I’ll lay out the basics of the major ones:

– Hotel vandalism: a few lampshades, phones, and fire
extinguishers were damaged. The people responsible for the room where
the damaged stuff ended up were removed from the hotel, as well as one
other person partly responsible for the vandalism itself.

– Someone entered the concert without a badge, and when security
stopped him, he ran past them into the concert again. Rumor note: he
was not kicked out for crowd surfing. Crowd surfing has not been
allowed at MAGFest for the last 2 years because of safety and liability
concerns, like expensive low-hanging chandeliers, but we would not kick
anyone out for it. We just pull them down off the crowd and ask them
not to do it again.

– Assault, with riot cops: This one generated the most stories.
Yes, there were heavily armed cops. No, it wasn’t a big deal. It was an
over-reaction by the police to a 911 call for a simple punch.

– Fire alarm: A pipe burst in the garage, and triggered a water
pressure alarm related to the sprinkler system. It had nothing to do
with MAGFest, but it did get us all outside for a few minutes. =]

Everyone involved with any of these above mentioned incidents was
impressively cool about it, and most will be welcomed back next year.
Please contact us if you have a question about your status with MAGFest.

Anyone who would like to send a note of thanks to the Hilton, or the
Dorsai Irregulars (our volunteer security group) please use the contact
link on the left. We will be compiling these notes and sending along
one big letter.

This year went so smoothly that next year’s dates may be confirmed in the next week or 2. Check back here soon!