SnappleMan Announces Contra IV ReMix Project

Cross-posted on both the Shizz & VGMix:

Shut up. I know, OMG VIRT music LOL! Whatever, the game has awesome music and it’s Contra, simple as that.

yeah, I REALLY like this soundtrack, it’s one of the best I’ve ever
heard and I think it deserves to be ruined by an overambitious project
that’ll span every corner of the “remixing”/”arranging” scene.

This will be open to anyone and everyone. Here are a few rules and guidelines for everyone to keep in mind:

All songs are to be approved by me and a few others who I will choose
to “judge”. If you worked on a song for 2 months and it still sucks,
too bad.

2. All songs are to be arranged in a “conservative”
manner. Meaning, I don’t want you to take a fast, aggressive song and
turn it into ambient bullshit. The music has lots of intricate details
and layers to work with, you can arrange it without taking it to places
it shouldn’t go. Also, I have to approve your idea before you can be
considered for the project, and everyone is required to send me a 1
minute demo before I can lock them in to work on the song they chose.

COLLABORATE! This music is really difficult to learn/play/arrange. I
encourage everyone to hook up in teams and really get to know the song
they’re doing and each members strengths.

4. What 3 said, the
most important thing here is making sure the music is KING. So yeah,
you will need to have spot on performances (if doing something with
live recordings), and good sounds. If you write a great arrangement but
your sounds are sub-par, consider letting someone take your work and
put it through their setup. I will do this for anyone who wants it, and
I don’t want any credit, all I want is for the music to sound its best.
If you can do a really awesome straight cover and just add a solo,
that’s great (and most likely all I’ll be doing!… trust me, learning
some of these songs is a project within itself)!!

This will not be OCR, VGMix or DoD exclusive, I have no idea how we’ll release yet. It’s a free for all at this point.

I know I’m talking like a dick, but I’ve had enough experience with
these things to know exactly what I want from the music and from my
team. This project is gonna have a “band” or “team” mentality. Everyone
can give input, help out on other tracks, or whatever, as long as it
sounds good. All that matters is the end result. I am recruiting people
as we speak, and this is gonna be cross posted to OCR, the Shizz and
anyplace else where I can get some quality musicians. This has to be
done quickly because the game is as popular as it’s gonna get and I
wanna strike while the mac-n-cheese is hot!

So I say onto you, the words of the famous George E. Nowik: LET’S ATTACK AGGRESSIVELY!

Also, link to the soundtrack (any mirrors are welcome! THANKS!):…/Contra%204.rar

Title – SnappleMan + Norg
Jungle 1 – SnappleMan
Laboratory + Waterfall – SnappleMan
Boss 1 + Pursuit – SnappleMan
Base – Sixto
Ocean – SnappleMan
Factory – Norg
Neo City – Sixto
Alien Hive + Heart Battle – Danimal Cannon (completed)
Harvest Yard + Final Battle – Christian Pacaud
Jungle 2 + Wall 1 – Danimal Cannon
End Credits – virt


Black Viper
Tunnel Boss

As for the rest of the songs, they’re short event type tracks and they need to be incorporated into a few of the songs.

have whatever is not listed here to choose from. Get a demo together
and send it to me as soon as you can, contact me on AIM at SNKFreak,
email me at Andreas.Kotsamanidis at, or Private Message me at
VGMix, OCR or the Shizz. Thanks!