SoundTempest Returns…as a Blog

From OCReMix:

This domain has been basically unused for years, but recently I decided I would actually use it for something useful. Welcome to the new SoundTempest, a blog reporting on and analyzing the latest developments in the music industry.
A lot of important industry news, especially anything relating to entities like the RIAA, SoundExchange, iTunes, Universal, etc. is often improperly reported and thus misunderstood. My goal with this blog is to not only cover news properly, but also break down why it’s important (or perhaps, why it isn’t), what impact it might have on both the consumer and the artist, and my own personal thoughts on the issue.

zircon kicks off the new site with a post about and their new royalty system.

Check out the blog at and also be sure to drop in on the IRC channel #soundtempest on