Free 1-year Subscription to EGM

I usually do this about once a year. I actually started getting my free issues of EGM and Gaming for Windows just the other day. It may a take a few weeks to get there, but you WILL get your magazines. Definitely not a scam 😮

From joystiq:

Surely you leave the house and/or office? And perhaps if your phone doesn’t support our lovely, lightweight mobile page,
you find yourself reaching for the comfortable contours of a print
magazine. Something familiar. Something that reminds you of the days
when you had little more to worry about than remembering to grab your
lunchbox out of the fridge before catching the bus. Something like …
EGM, which has always been there for you.

To make sure you’re comforted in those dark times, we’ve buddied up with the good folks at Ziff once again to give away 22,000
45,000 (we went ahead and added some more for y’all) free 1-year
subscriptions (US readers only, alas!) to their flagship gaming mag.
How free? You won’t need to provide your credit card information; your
subscription won’t be automatically renewed at the end of the year; and
you’ll need to “opt-in” to renew your subscription before receiving any
bill for the magazine. Free. Our way of saying thanks for spending your
computer time with us.