ThaSauce launches the SauceCast

Long after VGDJ has ended it’s run, we’ve FINALLY gotten around to recording and releasing our own podcast: SauceCast. A bi-weekly podcast chock full of community…stuff.
The website is still under construction, and the shownotes haven’t been posted yet, but you can subcribe to the RSS feed right now.

Starla and Dyne discuss MAGFest, the new featured content box, and VGMix X among other stuff.

There are a lot of exciting new things I want to do with this podcast, one of them being Chapters for the podcast:

When you load the podcast up in iTunes or an iPod it’s broken into chapters. On the iTunes side it even has clickable links to topics being discussed throughout.


[00:00] Music Cues…
[00:16] Dyne Hello and welcome to SauceCast, I’m you’re co-host Dyne.
[00:19] starla And this is your co-host starla.
[00:21] Dyne And we’ll be bringing you all the news and events from the VG Arrangement Community.
[00:25] starla Something that just happened recently, of course, MAGFest.
[00:28] Dyne Yes, I loved MAGFest. I’m sad it’s over, but I’m glad we had a great time.
[00:32] starla I’m definitely suffering from MAGFest, post-MAGFest depression, oh yeah. It was my first one ever.
[00:39] Dyne Same here.
[00:41] starla Alright, so I arrived on Thursday, got acquainted with so many people from the OCR community, of course, from ThaSauce community, a lot of these VGMix, all these guys. And pretty much went straight into the game room, not much was happening on the first day. They had so many games set up, it was phenomenal. Everything from Tetris Attack to Rock Band to Mega Man 2. It was phenomenal the broad range of games that they had set up.
[01:07] Dyne When I got there Friday night, I was amazed by how cool everything was. I couldn’t believe how much they had set up. All the games that were there and everything. Wow. It was just amazing to walk in there and see all that. And then I went downstairs and I checked out JamSpace. And that’s where I met up with a lot of OC Remixers and ThaSauce staff, it was a lot of fun. And there was actually a chiptune concert that night, and that was a lot of fun. I believe that was virt doing the chiptune concert that night. But we’re still talking about Thursday.
[01:42] starla Because there wasn’t much going on on Thursday night, we went ahead and headed up to, I don’t even remember who’s room, we probably all went our separate ways, and went into different people’s rooms, but we all partied for sure. About maybe, 1am we headed down to the JamSpace and watch one of the most phenomenal concerts I’ve ever seen.
[02:02] Dyne And then there was the DoD (Dwelling of Duels) listening party I’m told.
[02:06] starla Those guys looked liked they were working, I want to give compliments to everybody who was part of the DoD, any contributors, all the people who were judging, you guys looked like you were working so hard, so phenomenally hard. I ran up and I gave Larry a hug, just cause, you know, he needed some lovin’.
[02:24] Dyne And then there was JamSpace. I loved JamSpace. It was actually the first year that they were doing JamSpace at MAGFest.
[02:31] starla I can’t believe that, that was something, it should be part of everybody’s daily life. It’s like, necessary.
[02:40] Dyne It was just completely amazing, I couldn’t believe it. Just, stuff that I would never ever have seen anywhere else, I saw at JamSpace, it was just phenomenal. q-pa was there, he was spinning stuff on his turntable with his laptop set up. It was great! I’ve never heard anything like it before.
[02:58] starla Absolutely. We had that girl playing Zelda on the projector screen, playing the most perfect speed-run I’ve ever seen in my life. That was awesome. And she later on was playing Star Fox and a couple of other games. She was playing Link to the Past, and just doing the most amazing speed-run. Oh, Super Metroid, she was playing Super Metroid too.
[03:23] Dyne So there’s actually a little story that Rama gave me about Shnabubula, and a little remix that he made live called “Terra’s Got Her Groove Back”. So I’m gonna go tell that story right now. And there’s actually a story that goes here from JamSpace. Okay, here’s how this story goes: “it’s Thursday night, early Friday morning, about 2 or 3 in the morning. Shnab’s down in JamSpace, owning it as usual. He’s trying to get Dhsu to play something with him. And Fusion and Rama are down there and they’re trying to figure out if they should just record some stuff for JamSpace and post it on Remix: ThaSauce. So they say to Shnab, ‘Well, hey, play something right now perfect and we’ll post it on R:TS ASAP.’ So Shnab goes, ‘Okay, it’s gonna be Terra, it’s gonna be R&B, and it’s gonna be called “Terra’s Got Her Groove Back”.”
[04:19] starla And Shnabubula just does it.
[04:22] Dyne And that’s how it happened. Now it’s on Remix: ThaSauce where you can download it.
[04:27] “Terra’s Got Her Groove Back” already playing in the background
[04:34] Dyne We also have video of that performance on ThaSauce. It’s actually hosted by YouTube. Check that out while you’re at ThaSauce. And of course, we have a cut of it on R:TS, as I stated earlier.
[04:47] starla And let me tell you, I was completely blown away by this. I couldn’t even understand, first off, how he had enough hands to play the parts that he was playing, and beyond that to be able to come up with original content. I mean, I could sit here and work for months and months and never come up with anything that phenomenal. So, much love for Sam.
[05:05] Dyne Yeah. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to actually be there for that performance, but, I’m glad that there’s video on ThaSauce for it. I would not have been able to actually see it if I hadn’t gone there, so.
[05:17] starla And of course, Sam, Shnabubula, is heading up the Dragon Army right now.
[05:21] Dyne And that web address is actually
[05:29] starla Absolutely, and it’s a great community, where people can learn off of each other. Post their own remixes or their own originals, of course, and just essentially get better as a musician. Because, of course, there’s always something to learn.
[05:42] Dyne And we’ll also be posting that link, along with any links we mention here in the SauceCast, in our show notes. So feel free to check that out. So that wraps up Thursday’s coverage. I wasn’t actually able to be there until Friday. But when I did get there, I got in and I went down to virt’s chiptune concert. So earlier Friday, virt actually had the VGMix/Kwak panel, and he basically talked about what he does in the gaming industry. How he works, which he works contractually for a number of game companies, writing music, doing all kinds of cool stuff. So, that was a lot of fun for people I’m sure. And then, let’s see, what else was there. And if you’ve ever actually had a chance to listen to any of his Dwelling of Duels music, the man is phenomenal, he has mad skills. Seriously. He really does, he’s just amazing.
[06:42] starla Phenomenal music.
[06:44] Dyne Also that day, there was a certain cosplay contest.
[06:49] starla Yeah, I kind of won that. Me and Sammy (DjSammyG), went ahead and dressed up. He dressed up as the “L” Tetris block, very, very amazing costume. I did Angela from Seiken Densetsu 3, not sure if any of you have played that, but um, unfortunately *starla laughs*, I did win, because there were no other women competing single. There were a couple of groups, and some of the groups did win as well. My trophy stated, “Thanks for last night. Your mom was great.”
[07:20] Dyne *Dyne laughs* That is an awesome trophy.
[07:24] starla Yeah. And then later on that night, of course, virt had another chiptune concert, a little secret one, at 1am.
[07:33] Dyne Yeah, I was actually there for that, thankfully.
[07:38] starla And that was over in the JamSpace.
[07:41] Dyne Yes, that was definitely an awesome concert. I was very happy to be there for that, and actually, he played one of his tracks from a game called Shantae, called “Bandit Town Redux”. And that was phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal.
[07:57] starla Also was one of the featured songs ThaSauce until maybe about a week, week and a half ago.
[08:04] Dyne And I think that wrapped up Friday, and then Saturday was the OverClocked Remix Panel. And that was a lot of fun, I was actually sitting right there in the front row, right in front of DJP. Zircon, pixietricks, big giant circles, Larry Oji was there, carryin his sword, brandishing his steel. *starla laughs* Okay…it was plastic. Sorry, Larry.
[08:30] starla *starla laughs* How did I miss that?
[08:34] Dyne I don’t know, you were in the back row.
[08:36] starla I was, I snuck in late. I was sitting right behind of Taucer.
[08:41] Dyne Oh yes, I was actually sitting right in front of Suzumebachi. (Couldn’t say his name correctly here, sorry Suzu ^_^)
[08:47] starla Yeah, Suzumebachi. Bachi? I don’t remember.(starla had trouble too! ^_^)
[08:53] Dyne I am so sorry Suzu, I just totally butchered your name.
[08:58] starla TYBERIUS!
[09:00] Dyne So yeah, I was basically sitting in front of Tyberius, OverCoat was there, so was Rama and Fusion. And basically that was everybody from ThaSauce, really.
[09:11] starla Except me, because I came in late.
[09:13] Dyne Yeah, except for starla, who came in late. But we’ll forgive her, cause she’s cool. *little pause, starla laughs* Anyway, so yeah, the panel was a lot of fun. They actually had a contest, you could win prizes. They had questions about the forums, remixes, the site in general. And they actually talked about a brand new feature to OverClocked Remix. A new search feature, actually. Let me see, what was that?
[09:42] starla You can now search in Japanese.
[09:44] Dyne And now you can use Japanese Kanji to search artists, it’s actually mentioned directly on the front page of OCR.
[09:52] starla Taucer…
[09:54] Dyne And yes, Taucer did a barrel roll. He did a freakin’ barrel roll.
[10:03] starla He did it faster than I could even whip out my camera. I turned it on, looked up and there he was doing a barrel roll. So, unfortunately I didn’t catch that, not sure if anybody did.
[10:12] Dyne Yeah, that would be great if they did that.
[10:15] starla I think Kroze did have his camera, so once he’s got footage of OCR panel up, that should be a part of it.
[10:21] Dyne Yeah, here’s hopin’. *starla laughs* So when you go to OCR, you can actually, DJP actually used Sakuraba as an example. And you can actually search for him using the Japanese kanji in his name. And you’re going to find his name, birth date, publishers he’s been with, systems he’s been featured on musically. You’re going to find remixes, if there are any on the web site, and by who. You’re also going to find games. Now, it’s not a comprehensive list, so, they’re actually working on that, so don’t be surprised. Something else that’s new there is also the link to IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base), actually, it’s a new thing as well. They’re with the Internet Movie Data Base now, so you can go right to that. There’s also Moby Games, Music Brainz and the Wikipedia in English. What else was there?
[11:18] starla At the OCR panel…the judges DJP’ed.
[11:23] Dyne Yes, the judges indeed, DJP’ed.
[11:26] starla That was phenomenal.
[11:28] Dyne Yes, yes it was. So, after the OverClocked Remix panel, there was a concert in JamSpace featuring q-pa.
[11:38] starla q-pa’s set, oh my goodness, that blew me away.
[11:42] Dyne And right now, on ThaSauce, we actually have a 12 minute cut of q-pa’s set.
[11:49] starla It was phenomenal. I caught a part of his “Numa Numa” being mixed with Green Hills Zone, that was, it blew me away. I laughed so hard. I didn’t even know he dj’ed like that like live, ya know. I knew he mixed but that was just amazing.
[12:04] Dyne Oh yeah, definitely, he’s got the skills. I was just thinking, it may not be on ThaSauce, but if it isn’t, I will make sure that it gets put up on my server space and I’ll make sure everybody can download that if it’s not available on ThaSauce yet. I’m sure it is, but, just in case, just letting you know. And Shael Riley was also at MAGFest. He was in JamSpace, and it was great to finally get to see him in person. I’ve listened to some of his music, I really enjoy it. He actually got up on stage and rocked out with Suzu and Shnab. That was a lot of fun to listen to and watch.
[11:43] starla And unfortunately, the fire alarm had interrupted that specific concert.
[12:48] Dyne Yeah, they only got one song done, and then we were outside for like 10 minutes.
[12:53] starla And while we were outside we all decided we were going to go to TGI Friday’s, go get something to eat. It turned out something silly like a sensor for a pipe became damaged. So they had to evacuate the whole hotel, so everybody was out.
[13:09] Dyne Yeah, so there were actually a lot of conflicting stories with that. I really still don’t know what exactly happened. *starla laughs* So yeah, after that we went to TGI Friday’s, and we had like the longest four hour lunch, ever. Just saying.
[13:26] starla We had two tables. Now I was at table one with DJP, and you know, the OCR people. And table two, I’m not even sure who was at it, but they got their food, ate, and paid for it before we even got our food at all.
[13:44] Dyne Yeah, and we were there for another two hours after they got done. They like, sat there for an hour after they had gotten done, so, you know? It was just insane.
[13:54] starla And it ran right over when ThaSauce panel was supposed to be. I was pissed.
[14:01] Dyne So yeah, we got back right after that happened and we actually missed the start of the concerts. We actually caught the end of Select Start’s concert, and let me tell you, those guys, they’re wonderful. I haven’t actually met them in person, I’d like to, but they’re type of music was just beautiful, elegant, it was great. What else can I say?
[14:25] starla Great performers. Most of them was all chugga-chugga guitar and Select Start was violins and beautiful.
[14:34] Dyne Oh yeah, completely the opposite. And then, we get to the bacon.
[14:40] starla The Smash Brothers concert was so good.
[14:46] Dyne Yes it was. Among the things they played, I believe they played UN Squadron. They also played a track off of the Mega Man X 1 soundtrack. And of course, Larry Oji got bacon, Seattle OverCoat got bacon, and…
[15:04] starla I got trampled because some guy wanted bacon, and it’s all good, I mean that’s what you expect at a concert.
[15:09] Dyne Yeah, yeah, tried to keep starla in one piece, but ya know.
[15:13] starla *laughs* Hey, I lived.
[15:15] Dyne Yeah, lived to tell about it and that’s all that counts.
[15:18] starla So we got everything done, we had resheduled ThaSauce panel for 10am Sunday morning, because unfortunately due to the fire drill, a lot of things got messed up. So after those concerts, I stayed up with Doug (Rama), to make sure, to uh, keep him company. I stayed up all, let me try that again. *starla laughs*
[15:42] Dyne So basically starla stayed up all night with Rama to get stuff put together for ThaSauce panel, and then…
[15:51] starla So, we got everything done, we had rescheduled ThaSauce panel for 10am Sunday morning, because unfortunately due to the fire drill, a lot of things got messed up.
[16:04] Dyne Yeah, a lot of things got thrown off, we didn’t actually get to go back to JamSpace, cause we went out to eat. And then we missed some of the concerts, and there was kind of an interlude there, after the concerts, we basically went to the gaming area, played some games, chilled out, then we went back of course and saw the concerts, and then we went from there. And then we hit ThaSauce panel on sunday.
[16:30] starla It was the best panel at the convention, by far. So much energy in that intro so phenomenal.
[16:39] Dyne I was blown away by the amount of energy that Rama had, I could not believe it. How can any man have that much energy? He came up there, and he just busted out with everything. It was just phenomenal. And of course, we can’t forget about who was on the panel as well, Fusion was there, Seattle OverCoat, Xerol, and it was a lot of fun. (For reference, it wasn’t mentioned in the podcast itself, but Suzumebachi sat in on the panel as well.)
[17:01] starla And we do have a recording of it, we’ll have a link up to it on this write up.
[17:06] Dyne And with that, there’s also the OCR Styles that we’d like to mention from the panel.
[17:10] starla So, at our panel, there was a question at the OCR Panel about the side bar. A lot of people don’t like the side bar on OC Remixes’ web site. One thing we discussed at our panel was Styles. And we can go ahead and essentially reskin the whole web site. There’s a whole mess of them up. I’m going to give you two links, but we’re also going to go ahead and link to them in the write up, we’ve got We’re also going to be building a web page on We’ll go ahead and link that again in the write up here. And, we’ve got a couple of styles up there. There’s, most of them are going to have the code in there to get rid of the side bar, but the code is going to be commented out. There is one up there, the OCR3 one, gets rid of it. Now, it did work 100% when we had PHPBB as used on the message boards, however, since it’s been changed to vbulletin, it’s only about maybe 90% of the way there, programming wise. There’s a couple of things here and there, like the colors that aren’t completely 100% but if you don’t mind that, and you want to get rid of the side bar, it’s definitely worth checking out.
[18:19] Dyne Rama and Fusion actually showed us how to use it at the panel, and it’s just flawless, it’s great, it works wonderfully. You really won’t know the difference except that you changed it yourself.
[18:32] starla It’s flawless, it’s beautiful.
[18:35] Dyne New featured content is something we’d like to talk about, and with that is starla.
[18:40] starla Yeah, instead of having all the featured content buried at the of the web page under all that news, we went ahead and moved it all the way up to the top so you can click right on everything, if there’s a specific news story we want to capture your attention with, we’ve got some of the videos up from MAGFest. And of course, we’ve got the featured song right now, Mustin, “You Just Fucking Died”. *Mustin, “You Just Fucking Died” cues up*
[19:00] Dyne Yeah, I actually got to meet Mustin finally. I just cannot believe, he’s an awesome guy, he’s got phenomenal talent, and it was great to meet him. And “You Just Fucking Died” is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard it was great, I enjoyed listening to it. You definitely got to check it out, it’s the featured song this month on ThaSauce, check it out. Let’s see, another happening, right before MAGFest actually was the return of VGMix X. I know they were supposed to go to VGMix 3, but right before MAGFest, about two days before MAGFest, VGMix X came online, it’s no long an idle page with forums, it’s actually now a content management system. And it looks great, they’re still working on it, a lot of things gotta be done yet. But, you can go there now, check out new songs. Last count, they had about 38 pages worth of songs, there’s about 15 to 20 a page. Go check it out, I think you’ll enjoy it. Have fun with that. That’d be You’ll have a link on the show notes for that.
[20:06] starla Alright, well, I think that is it for our podcast.
[20:10] Dyne That’s right. Sad, but true, I’m cryin’ already. *starla laughs* Weepin’ like a baby. *Dyne laughs*
[20:18] starla *starla laughs* So this has been your co-host starla.
[20:22] Dyne And this has been your co-host Dyne, and we will see you next time, right here on SauceCast.

Free Shit: xerxes, psyjuntan, ultraljud, theophagus, inpuj, dragonarmy, and more

2008 is going to be a busy year. I’ve been adding lots and lots of new places to my queue, and I’ll introduce them as well as plug new music as usual.

First off let’s introduce the three new things. Well, two are new, one is really old but Spamtron was nice enough to let me know about it.

Oldest first:
Eerik Inpuj sounds
“By the way, go to right now if you like ambient / experimental music. Great stuff.” – spamtron

No real graphics to speak of so it doesn’t get a cool banner on this page :V It does have artists like proswell, ilkae, temp sound solutions though, so there’s definitely some good shit here.

No images, all flash. Makes it hard to link to stuff, but this one has more great artists like Shnabubula, who runs the place. This is more of a direct offshoot of OCR though, so there’s artists like Protricity, Another Soundscape, Red Tailed Fox, et al. Sam really wants you to submit content, also, so go ahead and give him all you got :3

This project has evolved so much from its original conception (at which
it was no more than a vague, shiny flicker of an idea) and it’ll
probably have unfolded a dozen times more by the time I reach the end. The Cocoon
began with a single seed – the idea that life is not linear but
cyclical, and that identity is not fixed but intangible. I offer this
knotted collection of mixed-media metaphor in the hope that someone
might find within it some muffled echo of a familiar rhythm. Updates
will be made as often as the time and opportunities present themselves!

The nature of The Cocoon
is not to explain or to analyse ideas in simple terms but to express by
feel and by poetry what is, to me, both inexpressible and inescapable.
This is an attempt to harness the most chaotic, most real parts of me.
I hope that by the time this project is complete (if it can ever truly
be complete) you’ll begin to understand why it is that I’m so obsessed
with these symbols and these ideas and these patterns. And even if you
don’t, which is quite possible, then I hope it will be able to provide
you at least with some mildly intriguing brain-food…
” – Helen Trevillion

I’m not really sure what this is, but she has a new song available on the site for free so tada~!


20kbps rec.
we’ve finally reached the end of our x-mas series, after more than 30
releases we bring you ‘the hardliner’ with his latest insane bitcore ep
‘look how i transgress’. hard crushing chip gabber like we love it! put
up the volume – screw your neighbours.


#234a-234e Bit24 / Stardust EP [stream]
Its the first week of January so what better time for the first release
of 2008. The releases this year will feature the usual quality and
indulgence that you’re used to, and what better way to start than with
this 5 track ep by Canadian guest artist, Bit24. The ep has it all
going for it – breakbeat, idm, electronic vibes and coolness, a hint of
c64ism and elektro spice. An interesting and exciting introduction to
2008! Enjoy!

#233a-233h Xurba / Eidetic Visions [stream]
The culmination of Christmas Release week is this truly fabulous 8 track ep by Kahvi’s newest find – Xurba.
The definition of the Kahvi sound indeed, heavily influenced by Boards
of Canada, Xurba creates tracks with such detail and depth, commercial
quality throughout, that you seriously can’t get enough of them. So
much so, Kahvi has already released a 16 track album from the man
himself on Beatport
with another album to shortly follow, from which ennui and in darker
places are taster tracks. Listen, indulge and learn. Welcome Xurba, and
Happy Christmas too all Kahvi fans, see you in 2008!


Date Release Id File info Artist Title
31/12/07 mtk.mp3.196 [9 tracks, 18 minutes, 16.6mb] Pliant ‘Musical Endeavor’
pic by pliant

Monotonik rounds out 2007 with a bit of a gem – a free digital release
of the super-rare Pliant mini-CD ‘Musical Endeavor’, the quirky
video-game inspired electronica blast originally released on New
York-based label Systorm Technologies back in 2000.

What do you need to know about this? Well, the super-perky 9
track, 18 minute release is chronicling a fictional video game of some
kind, and from the dynamic, spider-bass infused ‘Title’, it’s clear
that you’re being taken through the game in aural form, thanks to
previous Monotonik release Pliant’s bleep-pop stylings.

Some highlights? ‘Options’ is funked-up loping, slightly sinister pseudo-game music, and ‘Forest’ conjures up previous Monotonik release ‘Maruera Gum’
with some aplomb, before the super-weird waltz-ish ‘Volcano’ and the
reprise of ‘Credits’ finish things off in dischordant, intriguing form.

Download Pliant’s ‘Musical Endeavor’ from:
1. “Title” – (d/l
2. “Options” – (d/l
3. “Village” – (d/l
4. “Forest” – (d/l
5. “Hills” – (d/l
6. “Cave” – (d/l
7. “Volcano” – (d/l
8. “Boss” – (d/l
9. “Credits” – (d/l

..or download the entire release from or from – plus stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

The image ìî cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
070 – Psyjuntan – Mjuk Som En Sten

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Rock / Psytrance
– prog : Cubase Etc
– date : 11 jan 2008

069 – Ultraljud – My X Me

EU Mirror (thanks to GaMeBoX)
US Mirror (thanks to SGX)

– style : Electro / Lounge
– prog : Logic & Ableton Live
– date : 04 jan 2008

THEOPHAGUS home recordings 1993-2003

embarrassing words and music by jason cox



An Ideal Euphemistic

war002 / 2007-12-24

Ideal Euphemistic is Wardriver’s first collective release, and a small
showcase of some of the talent featured on the label. A pretty eclectic
mix of rock, electronic, and orchestral tones, An Ideal Euphemistic is
pretty awesome and stuff. Enjoy! (Cover art by Eon Blue)

101. Beaten Bishop – Treedom
102. Px – Lookin Around
103. Skrypnyk – Mumbo Jumbo
104. Masterbeta – Nightwatch
105. OverCoat – Cups
106. MFSnakes – Grizzly Adams
107. Injury – Sneaky
108. Suzumebachi – Park City
109. Monobrow – RhoTroiKa
110. ILLiterate – Who Watches The Watchmen
111. Tyberius – Sorry I Wasted Your Time


new song free for download
24.12.2007 00:53:17
happy christmas 🙂

hi everyone,

a while since i released a free song for you all now, so here it is. 20
minutes of chill/ambient. the song is called “one-oh-three” (please
don’t ask me why). you will find the download link a bit down from
this text and in the download sections. the mp3 has been encoded in
320kbps for maximum quality, and it has been properly tagged so that
all of you who own the DVD
can add it to the folder structure on your harddisk. i very much hope
you enjoy this one; feedback is as usual always appreciated.

xerxes – one-oh-three
composed, produced and mixed by xerxes
mastered by magnus sørlie (aka miu)
contact: [email protected]

happy christmas 🙂


okay there’s your shitload of free for now 🙂 have fun downloading EVERYTHING IN THIS LIST PLZ

Beatdrop releases 2 original tracks from Up-Coming Album

Beatdrop on VGMix X:

Felt the need to boost this forum’s bonfire a bit, so I present to you
all a couple of tracks off my forthcoming album. No guarantee that
these are going to remain completely unchanged from the final versions
available on the album, especially in terms of mastering, but here they
are nonetheless.
Get Down
Breaks, breaks, breaks. Break-your-neck breakbeats. That’s the name of the game.

Blood Inside
more towards what’s popular in the clubs today, this is a trip towards
Electro House, but it transitions later into a ghostly piano breakdown
which leads into the latter part of the song. Licensed by Positive
Gaming of Sweden for use in their upcoming 32-player Dance Simulation

Sprite Slowdown v2 (EP of VG Covers)

bucky o’hare posted on OCReMix:…riteSlowdownV2

I played drums on this short vgm tribute, and it was recorded a little
over a year ago. With the band having broken up since, and this ep
never having a ‘proper’ release, I decided to put it up for download.
It was very much rushed for release at magfest 5 (and never performed
prior to recording), but having just listened to it again more recently
I appreciate it more than when I first heard it. A bit rough around the
edges, but not as bad as I recalled!

Some of the track selection may be a bit on the esoteric side, hope you enjoy.

Track Listing –
1. Final Fantasy 6 (SNES)
2. Fire ‘n Ice (NES)
3. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Atari Lynx)
4. Kenseiden (SMS)
5. Abadox (NES)

Select Start confirmed for VIDEO GAMES LIVE in Orlando

SELECT START has been confirmed to play at [VIDEO GAMES LIVE]
in Orlando on JANUARY 24 as part of Otronicon. Video Games Live will be
playing the incredible music from games such as ChronoTrigger, Final
Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Warcraft, and many many more.

Here’s to hoping I can make it D:

Temporary implementation of pop-up ads

I’d like to apologize right away for the pop-up ads. A friend of mine gave me a really good offer, and I REALLY need the money right now. Plus I’d like to be able to make enough to put towards the next batch of shirts since the demand @ MAGFest was so high (by the way, 1 large still availible if anyone wants it).

Anyway the ads’ll only be around for a few days or so. They’re by
no means permanant or even long term. So do me a favor and be sure to
navigate with the nav box on ThaSauce and move all around R:TS with the
top navigation :(.

thieves of fate: a radical dreamers remix project released at OCR!

Theives of Fatethe project that i’ve headed up since august 2006, Thieves of Fate, released a few days ago at OCR. comprised of fifteen tracks and two bonus remixes, ToF:RD represents the combined work of eighteen artists, featuring such well-known remixers as ktriton, po!, Fishy, Ross Kmet, Geoffrey Taucer, and DrumUltimA, this is an enjoyable project with a variety of memorable tracks. go and get it at the OCR project website!

people to thank:
-djp, for working his arse off to get everything to work on the ocr end
-oa, for not only mixing 3.5 tracks, but also writing the site and doing the artwork
-the mixers, for mixing
-the hosters (bongo, oa, and escariot) for hosting the entire project