i want to build you a computer (posted on ocr)

as posted on ocr:

i build computers as a side business at college. i’d like to build you
a computer. if you’re within, like, six hours of where i live, i’ll
even drop the thing off for you.

why would you take me up on this offer?
>you probably don’t know enough about computers to build one yourself.
can build it for you for less than half of what you’d pay for a similar
computer through dell, lenovo (microsoft), hp, acer, etc.

>i can customize it for your specific needs easily. need twelve USB
ports? fine! need 4 terabytes of data storage? awesome! want the
biggest, most pimped out system using the best components? sounds good
to me!

here’s how it works.
>you pm me, and say ‘i want a computer!’
>i’ll contact you (skype, aim, phone…anything real-time is ideal)
and we’ll discuss what you want, and how much overhead you’ve got to
work with
>i’ll do a little research, and find out best costs and some timetable information, and get back to you
>if you agree, i’ll order the parts, assemble them, and probably
hand deliver the computer to your house. i’ll install any software you
want, and have it optimized for whatever you need.

i don’t use cut-rate components, or attempt to scam you. i’ve built
thirty-one computers in the last two years for people and i’ve not had
a problem that was caused by my handiwork with any of them. i’ll even overclock it (stablely) if you want me to.

what i don’t work with

>apple computers (not worth the time, IMO)

>laptops (definitely not worth the time, no matter what)

why am i doing this?

>i love building computers. the smell of a component fresh from the box is like ambrosia to my senses.

>i enjoy working with the hardware end of computing technology.

if anyone’s interested (i’m not planning on a lot of people being
interested, but it’s worth a shot), send me a pm and we’ll go from

it’s worth noting that i’ve already have three or four contracts for computers set up (including escariot), and another ten people who will be contacting me within the next few months as they get financial means together (including atma and arek).
i generally charge 10% of the cost of the parts for assembly and
handling – which generally winds up being around 50-70 dollars.

if you’re interested, either email me at bradleyDOTburrAThoughtonDOTedu, or pm me over at ocr, and we’ll go from there.