OCremix tracks getting airtime on wcradio.com

Just posting a quick note to let the community know that the entire
archive of OCRemix tracks is on our 24/7 playlist on WoW Radio (http://www.wcradio.com),
played on our live talk-shows, and incorporated, with proper
accreditation, into our podcasts as music breaks. We have checked the
terms of use and to our knowledge are fully complaint with the OCRemix
license and regulations. Any artist who does not wish to be a part of
our programming, feel free to email [email protected] and we’ll have your material removed.

“A little background on our organization. WoW Radio has been running for
over 3 years providing original talk-show content to the World of
Warcraft community. We currently service over 125,000 unique listeners
a month, and over 750,000 podcasts are downloaded every month from our
site. Our content is available through all major RSS-compatible
distributors including iTunes, and our live stream can be listened to
through our website via any shoutcast compatible media player.

“Thanks again to this community for providing such a wealth of quality
content. We hope we can help give you the exposure you deserve.

TB. Station owner.