VGMDB back in action

Secret Squirrel on VGMDB:

Its seems like it’s been forever, even though we were only down for a
bit over 4 weeks. Most everyone probably knows the story by now, but on
January 17th the disc that holds VGMdb (and GFF) went down and wouldn’t
boot back up. We scrambled around looking for our backups, discovering
that what we had together was considerably older than we remembered, so
old that the only option was to attempt some kind of data recovery. Our
former hosting company LayeredTech agreed to send the dead drive to us
if we paid a ransom of $300 plus shipping. We had no choice, and
canceled our contract with them once Miles received the drive.
So at this, we were looking at spending a significant amount of money
recovering the data. This is where OCRemix steps into the picture.
Starla (Injury on OCR) works for a data recovery center. With her
expertise, Miles was able to repair the drive at minimal cost, after
which it booted like a champ.

A more detailed synopsis with photographs of the drive repair can be found here in the VGFrequency blog.

So we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Starla, Liontamer, and the
OCR crew, as well as to Miles for his skilled handiwork and for being
the point man for the operation, and to Gigablah for getting everything
up and running, even better than before.

One thing that I can promise is that this will never happen again. The
information in our database is priceless, and represents thousands of
hours of work — research, translation, submission — performed by
people all over the world. We hope to quickly reestablish your faith in
our ability to serve as caretakers of the VGMdb data. Our new host (Servint)
provides us with an on-site backup, which will make it easy to recover
quickly from future hardware failures. Moreover, we are going to keep
at least 4 distinct backups of the database and scans, in different
parts of the world, so as not to rely on any single means of recovery.

So with that, I’d like to welcome everyone back. If you find any new
issues with the site, or if something isn’t working as you expected,
please let us know by posting in the forum.