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Took 3 weeks off [oops!] but now I am back. Fear!

20kbps rec.

12. Jan 08 Ne-q-baan’_-_Medali_EP-(20k267)-2008.
Ne-q-baan’s (side project by soundtester & Ru_Galochkin) debut ep
is a dedication to russian shitpop star Ivan Panchenko. it features
some remakes of his song ‘medals’, which is all about army and girls
waitin’ for their dudes’ comeback. folks, this is some really glorious
shit, for real.

30. Jan 08

speed merchant vocalist MC Ayrton Senna is challenging his first rhyme
race. postmodern gimcrack lyrics giving you the shit, in both english
and swiss german. 100% success is guaranteed due front-seat passenger
dj jimmy slaughter and his super-funky disko-beats.

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  • ansi040) ]
    at sea
    [24.3 MB | 12:38]

      ‘at sea’ is inspired by terry riley’s ‘in c’ and the ideology of the impressionist musicians.
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    [NMA001] Kaneel – Ma douce mÈmoire enfantine

    date feb.06.08

    better way to start New Module Adventures than with a sweet, sweet ep
    by Kaneel. Kaneel’s been on the modscene for a long time now, releasing
    on sunlikamelo-d and ogredung all those years ago, releasing his
    popular Inside it module ep on camomille and participating on great
    demos with Bypass. An adequate taste of reinvented nostalgia, Guillaume
    uses the tracker masterfully and makes us dream of bubbles and
    childhood moments. An epic Kaneel release, and while we wait for his
    upcoming album on apegenine, a great taste of what delicious sounds
    Kaneel can stir up and has been stirring up for us in the past 10 years.

    Download the release in .zip format (artwork in included )

    Music by Kaneel

    New CD album on apegenine ‘ Kaneel – I’ve sketched it a while ago ‘ . Buy here.

    Cover art by 143


    #237a-237d Alessandro Pintus / Make Space EP [stream]
    We’ve got another guest artist entering the Kahvi ranks today – italian
    by name and italian by style, we’re used to well dressed italians,
    presentation being everything and this is reflected in this well
    presented, polished and finished ep from alessandro pintus. analogue
    warmth with extremely subtle micro-melodies throughout, perhaps
    slightly autechre by design but 100% pintus by nature. interesting,
    thoughtful and chilled. welcome to mr pintus.

    download whole ep as ogg (.zip)
    download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip) whole ep (.mp3) mirror

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    El zoolÛgico is proud to present: The Jungle & The Aquarium
    Some words about it:

    Your favorite zookeeper is back from the petite&jolie zoo!

    We, at Petite&Jolie, are excited to present you the second release
    of petite&jolie and not only because it’s a wonderful travel
    through poptronics, melodies of “joie de vivre” and, let’s dare saying
    so, zoomotions, but also because it’s not everyday we’ll be releasing a
    double EP.

    Indeed, El ZoolÛgico is back at Petite&Jolie with his concept of
    catching the “essence” of animals through small’n’catchy tunes,
    classifying them by ecosystems.

    Await emotions driven through pitzacattos and fuzzy synths, get ready
    for cuteness, fasten your belt, and don’t believe what they are saying
    around you, it’s really cute and fancy animals you see jumping all over
    your head when you’re listenning to this sweet release from El

    download and enjoy:

    [track 01] El zoolÛgico – Camina
    [track 02] El zoolÛgico – Hippo
    [track 03] El zoolÛgico – Mr. Frog
    [track 04] El zoolÛgico – Snake
    [track 05] El zoolÛgico – Monkey
    [track 06] El zoolÛgico – Brother Bear
    [track 07] El zoolÛgico – Nada
    [track 08] El zoolÛgico – Octopus
    [track 09] El zoolÛgico – Penguin and Sealion
    [track 10] El zoolÛgico – Seahorse and Starfish
    [track 11] El zoolÛgico – Jellyfish
    [track 12] El zoolÛgico – Whale

    download the whole release here
    download the whole artpack here


    2008.01.26 (PS029) [Frux]
    – Viridian
    colors, three songs with chips and beats.

    2008.01.15 (PS028) [Jon Baken]
    – Candlelight
    astounding tracks from beatmaster JB.

    078 – Ultraljud – Stick to this


    – style : Electro / Lounge
    – prog : Logic & Ableton Live
    – date : 17 feb 2008

    077 – Haroon Piracha – Horizon Beyond


    – style : Melodic Progressive Trance
    – prog : Pro Tools / Reason
    – date : 13 feb 2008

    076 – destructo – In Twilight


    – style : Jazz/Ambient
    – prog : Reason 4 / Cubase SX3
    – date : 09 feb 2008

    075 – Candybag – Downtown Rumble


    – style : Drum & Bass
    – prog : Reason 3
    – date : 02 feb 2008

    074 – Joshua Morse – Lost Signal


    – style : Drum & Bass
    – prog : Various!
    – date : 28 jan 2008