Free Shit: Chromelodeon, Temp Sound Solutions, Animal Style, 52 Weeks, and More!

Hi, Garian filling in for OverCoat this week. Hope your harddrives are empty because I’ve got quite a few releases to tell you about.
Beat Is Murder: BIM13 Jupitter Goes Quattrocentro – Hills Go 400
This release is an interesting blend of acoustic and electronic instruments and the author’s voice. Highlights: Curves and Bends and Interlu.

Birdsong: birdsong026 Uncle Owen Aunt Beru – Earth is the Right Place for Love
Another blend of organic and artificial, offering a bit more of a raw sound than Hills Go 400. Highlights: Earth is the Right Place for Love, Tree of Secrets, and Your Words My Joy.

Kahvi Collective: kahvi243 hol baumann – human (sampler)
Free tracks from baumann’s new CD. Ambient electronic music with some interesting textures. ctr-ak hula hooper – good morning good morning
A mostly acoustic set of songs with pop flair, hula hooper combines ambient vocals with tight composition. Highlight: Light.

Sociopath Recordings: SRmp3079 The Nailbomb Cults – Speedbooty Anthems Vol. 1
Breakcore mixes praising fine asses everywhere. Granted, breakcore is hard to get into because it’s ubiquitous to “bad internet music,” but there are always diamonds in the rough. Highlights: Nailbomb Tipsy Bootleg, Really Partial to the Larger Posterior.

dramacore: 046 muhmood – presence.[exe]
Ambience, rich sonic soundscapes. This is definitely top notch stuff. Highlight: Climate Wars

peppermill: pm008 VA – 52 Weeks
An incredible undertaking that suffered a few setbacks and delays, 52 Weeks is a project that sought to create an album in 1 year, with 52 different artists, in 4 different seasons. Started in December 06, the final project was recently released featuring a bevy of the netlabel scene’s veterans. Highly recommended.

planetarium records: lab121 biggiesmartypants – biggiegoodies
Some electronic music that reaches to both sides of the horizon, some tracks feature some rich sonic textures, while others are bare bones (if you can apply the term with electronic music).

pause: II17 Temp Sound Solutions – Xylox
Rerelease of the definitive TSS release, featuring a couple new cuts. Highlights: Octoped, To Have and to Hold series.

pause: II18 Chromelodeon – The Final Recordings
FUCK YES. (sorry but seriously need i say more?).

dtrashrecords: dtrash109 MataMachete – Tanin No Kao
Industrial/IDM Metal that sits somewhere between Circle of Dust and Sepultura. Highlight: Cabe├ža Dinossauro.

abYssa: y.032 porzellan – mountains cycles
Minimalist ambient electronic music that focuses more on creating interesting soundscapes than on melodic content. Highlights: Third Cycle, Fifth Cycle

Cyclene Records: CYC-027 non_descript – Wayndahnimuk
An experimental album with the recurring theme of Four (the title is an Ojibwe word for “four directions”). Very ambient and minimalistic, and nearly sounds like field recordings.

23 seconds: sec.014 Tim Chaplin – The ’80’s Girls EP
Lo-fi acoustic covers of a four hits from the 1980’s, which seems to be a popular thing to do these days!

petite&jolie: p&j#003 Kaneel – La Pink Note
This is some soft IDM with rich sonic textures. Kaneel knows what he’s doing, folks.

Weird Elements: we001 Lo Seen – Plastic Rooms
Debut release on Weird Elements, an experimental sister label to Share My Wings, Musica Excentrica, and Electrosound. Traversing the border between IDM and noise, Plastic Rooms
is a quaint release from a new label and worth checking out.

enoughrecords: enrmp163 bpolar – the orange basement
Very minimalist ambient music, focusing on the extreme side soundscaping.

enoughrecords: enrmp164 adamned.age – cendre
Some nice ambient/IDM, focusing on groove and sonic textures.

8bitpeoples: 8BP083 Animal Style – Open Air
In an attempt to bring a human soul to the robotic logic of being a Game Boy musician, Animal Style used an 8bit fuzz pedal to mask his guitar’s identity without robbing it of it’s personality.

8bitpeoples: 8BP084 Yerzmyey – FREAKuencies
This record was produced on a ZXSpectrum 48k clone, utilizing the AY chip. Some excellently crafted chiptunes, it’s pretty hard to comprehend that this is only 3 channels.

ElectroSound: es42 Abstracode – Cocaine Ways
Downtempo breaks with a very dark atmosphere accentuate the message of the release, while the vamping sounds similar to the technique used by Xerxes of Norway.

Poni Republic: Joiejoiejoie – 2006 EP
Joiejoiejoie is a belgium based lo-fi pop artist, who rereleased 2006 with Mexico based Poni Republic late last year, I’m sharing it with you now because exposure can be hard for netlabels due to the sheer volume of material that exists.

Did I miss a release? Know of a netlabel I don’t? EMAIL: garian NOSP@M thasauce DOT net =)