Metroid Metal LIVE

Stemage has just announced that he and others will start work on live sets of the music from Metroid Metal, a site that you, if you are a metroid fan, should go to and download every track immediately. Anyway, read on for the full story.

“After stewing about a live incarnation of Metroid Metal for some years now, it’s official. MM Live is happening!

buzz became a project just after Magfest of this year. Chunk and I
yapped about the possibilities of a live project the entire trip home
with poop happily sleeping in the backseat. After a few weeks of
conspiring, we’ve got the team together and you will have the
opportunity of seeing a live version of the Metroid Metal tunes in the
not-so-far future with the following lineup:

Chunkstyle – bass
Danimal Cannon – guitar
Kirby Pufocia – guitar
Stemage – guitar
Illzbury Flowboy (Blue Dot player) – drums

Prophet can figure out what the f**k a tubaphone actually is, and
constructs it in time for a show, you may see him on stage as well)

there are no firm dates for the project, you will be guaranteed a
performance at the jamspace of next year’s Magfest. However, they
recently opened registration for bands at Magfest for next year, so we
might have a special surprise for you soon. I’ve also been in touch
with the boys who put together the roster for PAX for the last 3 years
or so. While PAX ’08 is out due to time constraints, PAX ’09 – while
not a guarantee – is QUITE the opportunity (all I’ll say).

will also be other live opps for the MM project this year, but nothing
is in stone and can be announced just yet. We’re giving ourselves
breathing room for the sake of tightening up the material, and turning
the MM library into something that can translate well in the live
setting. We are all perfectionists, are working from a distance, and
want this to own like it needs to.

“So that’s it :] Of course
I’ll be posting about specific show opportunities as they arise. Just
know that the live project is official, several songs are already in
the bag, and there will be a stage with us on it in the not-so-distant


Fun indeed! Here’s hoping for a Metroid Metal set at MAGFest 7! m/