free shit: kaneel, nine inch nails, kahvi, and much more

Sorry for the delay folks, been busy playing pokemon red. yes. the original.  now, without further ado, and in no particular order, free shit for may 12 2008

seriously folks, give kaneel some time on your speakers, you won’t be
disappointed.  he’s been doing the netlabel thing for a while and has
been released on some of the heavy hitters in the scene (this release still on petite&jolie =) ).

Nine Inch Nails – The Slip
Reznor released his new album for free (actually for free, no graded
sales gimmick), under a creative commons license.  A bit weak in the
production department, but for 2 months of work and for free it’s not
bad, considering the source.

sociopath recordings:
SRmp3 083 Horion – No Fear Restriction
Dark and filled with heavy IDM and DnB elements, this is actually pretty good considering it’s on sociopath.  thumbs up

SRmp3 082 Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra – Sigma God Metal
thumbs down… this really is mostly a wall of noise… but hey, it’s hard to stand out in breakcore

SRmp3 081 Rekombinacja – Notoryczni Wyznawcy Ewidentnych Uproszczen
Mutant breakcore that is probably a little too self indulgent, but not nearly as harsh on the ears as Sigma God Metal

SRmp3 080 Skodvolt – Rhubarb Wrecker
Glitch/IDM influenced, with a few samples from movies or something, not wholly unenjoyable but definitely not for the breakcore beginner.

tube’|122 Entia Non – Lilt
Lilt sounds more like incidental music from a film than it does anything else, complete with the sound effects.  a very stripped down and ambient feel, very reminiscent of blade runner. thumbs up!

tube’|121 Mother – Self Deprivation
this is a bit more experimental than Lilt, but the ambient soundscapes are very well done, although the melodies that play on top of them sound like the hallucinations one would have if they actually were in a self deprivation chamber.  Very dark feel, but not as accessable as other test tube releases.

Y.033 Margrave Reudiger – Back to Mono
This is some interesting soundwork, done with non musical samples, but they’re used in a way to create interesting textures.  May not be entertaining for people who are into traditional music, though.

L’homme Manete – Gaming Sessions
Some capcom inspired chiptunes!

Joiejoiejoie – Green! EP
Yes!  Belgium based Joiejoiejoie returns with the latest offering from Poni, and his acoustic sound is cleaner this time around and this is an excellent followup to 2006.  Definitely worth downloading.

lab121 Sick to the Back Teeth – An Evening With…
Overly indulgent and totally unskilled prog guitar wankery… unless you really want it to complete your archive, i’d advise a skip.  double thumbs down.

No Type:
NT111 Camp – Doubts
Minimalist dance music, but instead of using traditional dance instruments it uses interesting samples

NT110 The Twombley Spiders – And The Whiskey-Fueled Sparrow
Some very nicely done pop influenced electronic music.  Definitley worth checking out

trastienda040 Waiting Room – La Estulticia del Cognicidio
spanish indie rock or something!  i can’t really tell based on the lyrical content because it’s not in english!  but i love it!

trastienda039 Holgado – Peepshow
with a track titled “silvia saint y tu” how can you go wrong?  totally hot release, even though i can’t understand it

(note, trastienda038 folder – inside was also released on, a german netlabel, in the middle of april, a few months after trastienda. the lyrics are in english and the sound is somwhere between veruca salt and foo fighters, so pick it up too.)

kahvi collective:
kahvi #244a-244f Crackle Creations – Eros
if it’s on kahvi i probably don’t have to tell you that it’s good.

es43 Uniquetunes – Uniquetunes
this is seriously some of the best music i’ve ever heard in my life.  The tone of the guitar is amazing, the saxaphones are full of soul, and the beats just keep it moving.  If you don’t download this, you [bold]are[/bold] going to hell.  even if it doesn’t exist.

Musica Excentrica:
exc013 Astrowind – Fresh Wind in the Valley of Dreams
some exceptional music, hands down.  ambient and relaxing, although excentrica is mostly known for being “non-entertaining”

#11 Deathday-Birthday – Depressive Relax
some excellent ambient/downtempo idm featuring a healthy armament of the usual suspects (glitched drums, break beats, and synthesizers)

#10 Mora Inkognita – Mora
Mimonot has a penchant for offering some excellent music from the other side of the planet, it’s unfortunate that i am a monolinguist, and thus cannot wholly enjoy many of the releases which i’m telling you about.  Mora is a downtempo album that sits well next to the best of the west

#004 nq – onomatopoeia
this is some outright bizarre music.  from far out in the left field, some experimental/glitch/noise zx spectrum music.  worth checking out if you’re into chiptunes!