The Megas Tour Headed Northeast

This just in from The Megas, they’re heading toward the Northeastern United States on tour in the near future. Here’s a quote from their MySpace bulletin about the tour:

“Hey guys –
our Northeastern US tour is just 2 months away, and we need to start
locking down some shows around 32 Bit Genocide! We’ll be starting in
Baltimore on August 16th and working our way north, depending on where
the shows come through.
If you
have any suggestions or contacts at venues, please let us know ASAP!
We’re also down to play a few house parties or barbecues, especially
midweek (it is summertime, after all!) So if you’d like to put
something together, please let us know.

also looking to play at arcades and video game stores, so if anyone can
give us some leads in that area, make with the info!

Many of you have asked us to play your hometowns… this is your opportunity to help make that happen!