mithius releases ”The Story of Hyrule”; 44 track arrangement/original album.

A few days ago, on a couple of forums, community member mithius released “The Story of Hyrule.” An epic 44 track album, comprised of both arrangements from Zelda 1 through a Link to the Past, as well as a number of original tracks. The post was long and kind of disjointed, the website was a bit “1996”, but the music was absolutely AMAZING. That’s when I decided to start work on a proper website and hosting to really showcase mithius’s hard work.
I want to point out that, even though it’s hosted under the ReMix:ThaSauce subdomain, this album is NOT affiliated with R:TS or ThaSauce at all. I simply wanted to make sure this album got proper presentation. All the music and story on the site is by mithius and mithius alone. All I did was give him a website and some hosting. (I would’ve like to give him a subdomain, but that’s just not an option at this point.)

Anyway, give it a listen an enjoy an epic musical journey through the lands of Hyrule!

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