RE: Discoveries – Full-Length 8-Bit Metal Album

marks the release of RE: Discoveries,
the first full-length album from the 8-Bit Metal project. One part heavy/power
metal and one part chiptune, the 8-Bit Metal sound fuses electric guitars and
sounds from the Nintendo Entertainment System to render original music and
lyrics centered on classic video games from all eras. This one-man project is
manned by an hobbyist musician and distributed freely as downloadable content
on the project’s website. <>

RE: Discoveries features
the following tracks, written, recorded and individually shared on the internet
over the course of three years:
1. The Heroes of Yesterday (intro)
2. In the Year 200X (Mega Man 2)
3. Thirteenth Zodiac (Final Fantasy

4. Saving the World Barechested (Contra)
5. The Founding of Booty Bay
(World of Warcraft)

6. The Duke Got Nuked (Duke Nukem Forever)
7. Bloodlines (Castlevania: Symphony of
the Night)

8. ‘Twould Be Best (Castlevania: Symphony
of the Night)
9. Moon Sugar (The Elder Scrolls III:

10. The Devil and the Incarnate (The Elder
Scrolls III: Morrowind)

11. Behind the Mask (Final Fantasy IV)
12. Beyond the Mask (Final Fantasy IV)
13. Hatred Eternal (Final Fantasy IV)
Bonus track (feat. Mitchell Emmen): Where All
Things End (Doom Castle) (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

In addition to the MP3 files, the RAR archive available for
download contains a booklet in PDF format and an album cover. A separate
Print-It-Yourself version is also available for those who still enjoy their
music on CDs. The booklet contains all lyrics and the author’s personal
comments on the games covered.