VERSUS Compo, The Battle ReMix Community

VERSUS Compo is a ReMix Competition website that focuses around user created competitions and earning Battle Points, the VC currency. VERSUS Compo started as a friendly competition between two ReMixers that gained a lot of popularity. Soon, a lot of ReMixers started their own VERSUS Compos and they wanted a website dedicated to it. So one of the original ReMixers started constructing this website and has finally finished.
The original Compos that started the website are defaulted and are the
classic Single Battle Compo, which pits 2 ReMixers against each other
in friendly competition, and the winner is decided through public
polls. The other is Championship Compo, which is the website’s
tournament compo. Some compos require Battle Points to enter, while
others are free to enter.

Hope to see you there!