Free Shit: Whoa It’s Back! edition

A wild Netlabel appears!  It casts music… it’s super effective!

Well, I took a long break from Free Shit because I was kinda burnt out… I didn’t feel like people were reading the column and I was getting tired of the music I was trying to review.  Scott (OverCoat) told me that I didn’t HAVE to review it, so I’m going to go ahead and run with that.

After the jump: Dikital on Eastern Recordings, new Testtube, new FutureKomp, and more!

Please support Platonist’s netlabel “Reunion Studio,” which is currently temp hosted on his personal website.  Platonist sent me a message on the TS forums back in April that I never checked until just now.  So be sure to eat up all his bandwidth to make up for my mistake!
First up is an ecclectic fusion of electronica and rock by Macedonian artist Dikital, released on Eastern Recordings, a netlabel which I only found recently.  EXP11 Search EP.  Highly Recommended.

Since I’ve been away, the wonderful folks at Testtube have continued to release.  I’ll spare you the flood of links and simply link to the latest, Tube’|141 Finareia by Long Desert Cowby.

Futurekomp‘s latest release is by Infernal Ambience, F:K 031 From Forests To The Dying In Us All . .

Muhmood recently released a new EP, the soundtrack to a short animation called Tamara & Demon through “Enoughrecords” a hosted netlabel.  Highly Recommended.

Recently I came upon a delightful New-Wave/Synthpop styled netlabel called Nonstop Nonsense NetLab.  Their latest effort is by Retax Gorgon, nnnl18 AI.

Another new find is a Chinese netlabel called Bypass, which was founded by an audio engineer who enjoys producing a lot of material under different pseudonyms.  Check out their latest offering by Foss with Moss, [bp008] Warmness.

I present Soft Phase, a new Nordic netlabel, and Planet Boelex & Lisa’s Antenna’s sfp01 Little World.  Highly Recommended.

As always, Sociopath-Recordings is constantly releasing mutant IDM and breakcore EPs.  Check out the recent Mithra release rather than the latest for a taste of the more palatable side to the genre, [SRmp3 108] Childhood Remixes.

There have been a LOT more, especially new discoveries, but I’m getting pretty hungry right about now, and I don’t want you to feel too overwhelmed.  Check ya’ll later.