An OverClocked Christmas: Volume 2 – Unofficial Christmas Album Project

As many of you know, last year, I headed a project called An OverClocked Christmas, which brought together some very talented individuals who gave us eleven tracks of very cool Christmas music.  Well, I’m at it again this year.  I’ve started An OverClocked Christmas: Volume 2, and it’s the next logical step.
It’s an open project, so anyone who is interested in contributing a
track can submit a WIP (by the first WIP date, of course) for the
project.  It’s a small project, and runs until Monday, December 22.
The first WIP deadline is Wednesday, December 10 at 11:59pm.  Which
means, I have to have it in my inbox by then (see thread at OCR for more info).

interested in joining the project, please check the first post, and
post in the thread to let me know that you’re joining so I can add you
to the main post.  Also, there is no limit on the number of songs you
can do, as long as you can handle the work load, I’m always happy to
accept multiple songs from the same artist.