Skrypnyk Releases New Album, ”Suburbia”

“Greetings. I would like to present to you, my first full length album Suburbia.”

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“Over the past two years, I’ve been working off and on this album.
Trying to do a style a little different then what I’ve normally done. A
more psychedelic, chill-out, downtempo style while keeping everything
atmospheric and ambient.

“With 11 songs, it comes in at over 44 minutes in length. Making it my longest release to date.

“Want to support this starving artist? Send a donation via paypal

“Don’t have any spare change and still want to help out? Tell
you’re friends, family, school mates, co-workers, allies and enemies.
Word of mouth is my #1 choice in advertisement.

“Enjoy, and thanks for listening.”


Any fan of Skrypnyk’s work will already know what to do. However, his original work is very underrated and mostly unknown, so if this stuff is new to you please do check this out. He doesn’t seem to like attention but he needs some forced upon him 😀 so download away!