ReMix:ThaSauce ‘To Be Post’ list updated, QC forum updates, podcast limbo, etc..

So first of all, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who came out and submitted stuff to ReMx:ThaSauce over the past few weeks. We really appreciate it, guys. There’s so much great music out there just waiting to be heard, and we wanna make sure it reaches as many people as possible.

I’ve gone ahead and posted what I have TAGGED AND READY to be posted in the thread on the QC forums. This isn’t a concrete list of what I have, or what’s going to be direct posted, but more an idea of where I am RIGHT NOW. Expect some updates to this thread, and the QC forums in general over the next week or so. Our Arbiters are probably going to have to come out of hibernation for a bit, too =P

On top of that there’s been some dicussion about reforming VGDJ @ OCR, and it brought up the reminder that WE haven’t done a podcast in some time. I’d been busy with finishing up school, and starla had a few things she’s been taking care of too. I think we’re ready to start getting something going again, and I know I said I’d have one ready by last Friday, but really there’s just so much to cover we’re having trouble fitting it all into 1 show. Anywhere we’re pretty close to (if not totally done with) ironing out what we plan to put in the next show, so you guys should expect one VERY VERY SOON…but seriously.

Lastly I’d still like to remind people that, even though I got a good ammount of submissions lately, they’re still pretty far and few between overall. So keep’em comin’. We wanna make sure all the music we can gets to as many people as possible, and the best way to do that is to have a constant flow of stuff coming in.

If you didn’t see it on ReMix:ThaSauce my original post is here:

So, some people think we’re dead, but we’re not. I ASSURE YOU. We’re just in a dry spell for submissions (unofficial count right now is 1 to be QC’d and 1 to be posted, but don’t quote me on that because I’m not exactly checking RIGHT NOW).

That in mind…SUBMIT. If you submitted before and have new stuff? Submit! If you submitted before and got rejected? SUBMIT! If you know someone who has a song that they’ve finished but haven’t posted it anywhere or got it rejected from OCReMix? Tell them to submit! If you submitted a song and it didn’t get posted and it didn’t go to the qc RESUBMIT! It happens sometime (except you, Bren. I got you.)