New Anime Remix Site Design and a New Remix by Xaleph!

What I said over there:

DO IT LIVE! We did a LOT of testing with this new version of the site,
to iron out all the big bugs, but there’s likely a few left just from
carrying this new design over. If you find anything wrong or if you’d
like to give feedback on the design, let Xaleph know [because that’s
not my job :D]. Well I think it’s great, the black and brownish greens
were getting depressing. All those headers everyone
worked on are now gone but I hope anyone didn’t work TOO hard on those.
Perhaps we’ll enlist everyone’s help on making new site headers this
time too! AAAAAAAAnyway, welcome to the new site.

There’s also a new remix by Xaleph and some woman I’ve never heard of, so check that out too!