The Tindeck is DOWN

Tindeck, a popular MP3 hosting website used by many members of the community, has recently announced that they were be out of commission for the remainder of the month due to bandwidth issues:

Tindeck is down until next month. – 15/Jan/2009 02:17

We got fucked hard by people uploading copyrighted material (primarily
Britney Spears and Akon; can’t say we’re terribly surprised) and
hotlinking those files on MySpace profiles and through various
streaming sites. The amount of bandwidth we used is shocking and more
expensive than we can afford at this time, so until our metrics reset
Tindeck will be kept offline to avoid running the bill up even further.

Tindeck has never been a profit-generating service (in actual fact we
pay a lot of money out of our own pockets each month to keep this place
going) so the abuse of what we provide here is really disheartening,
particularly given the amount of debt it’s driven us into :(The files already uploaded are all safe and sound, and we’ll be back to
normal operation next month with a few new features and a redesign that
will make things a hell of a lot easier to manage.