Tracked in Time


For anyone who’s curious: Yes, I’m still using Impulse Tracker to
track “normal” songs (not just chiptunes) and yes, there’s new stuff
you can listen to. Here:

Some background, for anyone who is scratching their head: I’m in a demo group called Brainstorm along with a bunch of incredible musicians, programmers, and artists. We make cool demos and enter in demo party contests and talk about boobies and human-goat relations and alcoholic beverages.

A musicdisk is essentially an album or EP of music released for free
in the demo scene, often packaged as an executable file with a display
/ visualization program written specifically for the album. Tracked in
Time (TiT for short, obviously) is one such musicdisk, with a very
unique distinction.

In the late 80s and early 90s, tracking software exploded onto the scene following the release of Ultimate Soundtracker on the Commodore Amiga
computer in 1987. There was an official disk of instrument / percussion
samples distributed alongside it, called ST-01. We have taken that pack
of samples, and nothing else, and written a collection of brand new

This production is many years in the making — if you’re unfamiliar
with musicdisks or demos, you’ll want to click on the “Info” button to
get a scrolling text file while you listen to the songs. It will
explain more about the disk and, at times, the “keyboard” will be
“handed over” to each participant, myself included, to say a little

My tracks are “Keep Shreddin’, Little Man” (4 channel) and
“Nightfall over the City” (multichannel), but do yourself a favor and
listen to everything; there’s a TON of great music in there. Enjoy!