X360: The Perfect Match – Soundtrack by AnotherSoundscape

The Perfect Match – 400MSPoints – with original soundtrack by Another Soundscape!
Soundtrack avaliable for FREE!

Yup, I scored another game soundtrack and I’m quite proud of this one!
The second Community Game I scored (the first being the best-selling Artoon)
is a gameshow/dating simulator called The Perfect Match. If I
understand it correctly (and I’m pretty sure I do) you take the role of
the host of this “game show” and try to find the contestants perfect
match. You can check it out at the Xbox.com page and pretty soon also the developer’s website OKGamesCompany.com. If you feel like you want to try it out, there is a demo avaliable on Xbox Live Marketplace that you can download both directly from your 360 and via your computer.

I always try my best to release the soundtrack for free and managed to do so with this game too. It can be downloaded for free
as a .zip file with 320kbps MP3s from my webspace (thanks escariot!)
until it’s uploaded at Onion Factory’s official site, I will then
update the url. See it as a gift for the VGM-community!All tracks were made entirely in Reason 4 and set out to portray the
games visual style and gameshow-concept. It’s bouncy, cute and quite
catchy if I may say so myself. If you like it, feel free to share it
with anyone or perhaps (where applicable) make a remix? I’d love to
hear what you come up with!

Raves and reviews:
BeefJack.com – The Perfect Match, which I thought was a highly polished product that looked and sounded better than some XBLA games

So the bottom line here is: if you’re interested, feel free to download
the soundtrack and give the game a try. It would mean a lot to me and
might turn out to be quite an enjoyable experience for you too ;P