Shael Riley at A&G Ohio on March 14th

From GM4A:

Amazing nerdcore artist, not to mention OCRemixer and head of the SF2HD soundtrack, Shael Riley has recently informed me that he will be performing live at A&G Ohio,
which stands for Animation and Gaming respectively. I have been
watching youtubes of his sets for a while now and they are definitely
not something to be missed.
Maybe one day he will make it out to the
west coast, or he’ll have a set at Nerdapalooza
at the least (hear that Hex?). Anyway, check out the convention which
runs March 13-15, as it should be ace. And of course don’t miss out on
Shael Riley’s set on Saturday March 14th unless you are a grade A
sucker. For proof check out the footage below of the appropriate for
Valentine’s Day song Bits and Pieces from his album Toybox!