Doubles’ Dash Compo Take 2; Sunday, Febuary 15th @ 6PM EST

Doubles' Dash Compo

So I woke up today to a truly poetic invitation from a Mr. Shael Riley. This invitation, to tomorrow Double Dash Compo, is better than any other Valentine’s Day gift I could have hoped to received. As some of you may know we had our FIRST Double Dash Compo only a few days ago, and if I do say so myself it was a Tremendous Achievement of sorts.

I’m particularly obsessed with Shael and starla’s song, myself 😮

(Also: Gratz to starla for getting her first OCReMix in over 7 years posted today.)

Dear Recipient,

I have attached to this email an invitation to
an event so formal that I could not simply invite you in plain text, so
formal that I could not simply invite you in HTML. No, dear and kind
sir or madam, you are hereby invited to an event of such magnitude,
such dignified and uppity importance, that I shall cease explaining it
immediately and direct your attention to the PDF enclosed.

You are invited to participate in the 2nd Doubles’ Dash short-form songwriter party; its rules are as follows: teams of two compete with one another to write and record a vocal pop song over the course of three hours, while in contact with other contestants via IRC chat. The obvious devision of labor entails one team member writing music and the other lyrics, but this is not mandatory. At the end of three hours, all songs are listened to simultaneously and in sequence by each contestant; then, each votes for his or her favorite and a winner is determined. This event will take place during the hours of six to nine pm, Eastern standard time, on the evening of Sunday, February the 15th, 2009. That’s the afternoon of February the 15th 2009 to Westerly types. Please arrive in the IRC channel #ThaSauce, on at a quarter to the hour to select your partner, and wear your fanciest pants.

Eagerly anticipating your arrival,