GM4A posts Interview with Nicole Adam’s & injury

So I’m admittedly pretty late on this one, as I’ve been pretty swamped with company the past few weeks, BUT genoboost over at GameMusic4All has a really great interview with OCR’s newest female remixer, and long time community member, Nicole Adams and OCR’s very first remixer: injury.

About a year ago I had the pleasure of running across Nicole Adam’s
music via myspace and was immediately amazed by the music she had
there. I soon asked her if she would like to contribute a track to the
2nd GM4A anniversary compilation Welcome to World 2. She was kind enough to agree and submitted the song Permutation
for the album, and I was of course blown away by how well it was all
done. Another thing I was amazed by was that she worked with Starla AKA
injury of OCReMix fame who provided her amazing voice and handled lyric
duties on the song verses. Together they created a sweeping arrangement
of the Donkey Kong Country song Fear Factory which has been the
highlight of the album for many people.

Flash forward a few months and now the song Permutation is featured on OCReMix
and has been getting some great reviews. Due to the slightly momentous
event I decided to shoot some questions to Nicole Adams to discuss what
it is like to have her first song on OCR, and also Injury, who has
returned to OCR with this song after a lengthy hiatus. I also took this
opportunity to ask them about their music influences, upcoming projects
and more. Check out the interview below, then be sure to check out Nicole Adams music myspace and check out Injury over at her new website!

Click here for the full interview.